Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is my friend, Terri. I have known Terri for many years...her former husband and mine were in the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department together and my twins baby sat most of her girls (she has four!).

Terri is also my hair dresser. She is the kind of person you can tell anything to and it will remain safe with her. She hugs me every time I see her. She listens to me when I am having a trying time. She uplifts me and understands me. And, I think she does this for everyone that sits in her chair. We talk about our kids, what books we have read, what is going on with our community and the people we know. Living in a small community has so many benefits. There is a connection between most of us that exists that is so wonderful. That doesn't happen in big cities. Most people are lucky to even talk to or know most of the neighbors that they live next to. Not so in our small community.

Terri is also a very giving person. She does lots of charity work for different organizations (Make-a-Wish Foundation and Breast Cancer come to mind). This weekend she is donating her time and energy at a Cancer Camp where adult cancer patients will be treated to spa treatments, massage therapy and she will be cutting hair. She told me it is something that she loves to do and she likes to give back. Imagine how some of those people are going to feel after being pampered all weekend long. Cancer is such an takes you down to your bare minimum and if you're lucky, you can find your way back up to the top again. These people will have a weekend of luxury and a chance to see how being a survivor has benefits beyond just living. It touches your soul and makes you see what is most important in life.

Having a friend like Terri to talk to, to listen to me, to give advice, to just BE there is such an important thing. I know that those she "touches" this weekend will feel exactly the same way about her as I do. She told me today that at the last hair seminar she went to one of the speakers said that hair stylists are second only to their doctor as far as trust issues. Having a hair stylist as a friend too, well that is the cherry on the top. The "Terri" on the top!


  1. smiles. i used to go to mr. brown to get my hair cut...he was very similar. its nice when you find someone like that, that listens...hope you have a great weekend yourself.

  2. Dear Teri,

    I am glad to have stopped by this evening to see this precious posting of yours after not having surfed any of the blogs on my blog roll for so very long.

    Friendship is indeed a precious thing and having someone who stands by you in good or the bad times is indeed very precious.

    I have two very good and close friends and let it not be said that a man and a woman cannot be friends, as one of my dear friends is a woman and we go back for 29 years.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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