Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another eclipse photo

Here is a photo of the eclipse when it was just beginning...not very clear and shot with my "auto-focus" camera with some eclipse-viewing glasses held directly in front of the lens. I'm not sure what all the other circles are around the actual sun but it is neat thinking that I could watch the whole thing unfold before my very eyes (with sunglasses on of course!).

I was hoping that my daughter would put some of her photos up on her blog. She got some really incredible ones with her movie camera. Kimberly??? Where are they??

Next eclipse...2017?


  1. I wish I had thought to use some kind of filter on the lens of my camera. I never got a clear photo of the actual eclipse.
    I like the "aura" or ring around the sun.
    Maybe your daughter will give you some movies that you can share. That would be so interesting.

  2. The last time I watched an eclipse was too many years ago.

    Next one 2017, you say? That's too far away!

  3. that is a pretty cool take...def let me know if she does put them up...


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