Monday, May 21, 2012





How did you spend your weekend? Ours was filled with lots of activity from a Fishing Derby on Saturday and the eclipse of the sun on Sunday to things like birthday present shopping, mowing the fields, attending a home and garden show and meeting Ahmad Hassan of the DIY show "Yard Crashers" (I even won a $25 gift certificate because I stumped him in the Q & A session!). The weekends sure fill up quickly, don't they? It's funny because when you are doing something that is not quite so interesting or exciting, sometimes the time just creeps so slowly. But, give me only two days and lots of things to do and there just isn't enough time in a day. I guess the key is to keep each and every day filled with exciting things to do and they will pass as quickly as a weekend. I'm not trying to make my life whiz by any faster than it already is (and don't they say that the older you get the quicker times passes?) but I would love it if every day was action-packed with fun or at least something new and exciting. A new book perhaps? New art? A vacation sounds incredible but where to? This is just the beginning of the summer. There is much more to come. What do you have planned? And do you want some company??


  1. I spent the weekend cleaning up/catching up from a super busy week! Cleaned out the pool and generally got ready for summer.

  2. we camped out saturday for a nephews birthday...roasted hot dogs and smores...missed the eclipse...every day is exciting you know...

  3. Hi Teri,
    Looks like it was a great weekend for you and the family.I'm pretty curious about that last photo of the strange object to the left of the sun. Was it moving? Were you taking video? It's pretty amazing. The eclipse was a no show where I I'm enjoying the photos the bloggers to the west of me are posting. thanks.

  4. I think that strange formations are the eclipse. You are seeing a reflection of the sun being eclipsed in something... maybe your camera lens.
    I found I couldn't get a picture of the eclipse but I got a reflection of it in a shadow on a wall.
    So interesting!
    It's going to be a long hot summer. This is not my favorite time of year. We just stay home and maintain our garden and watch for fire.
    The foothills are always exciting. I'm sure there is a Rattlesnake waiting to visit us.

  5. We have a wedding coming up soon! And just the thought of summer is enough to make me happy. To me the words "summer afternoon" really are the two most beautiful words in the English language. Who said that, was if Henry James? Whoever it was, he was right.

  6. I think she may become a fashion designer, instead of a vet, what with all the "clothes" she fashions for herself! Silly girl!

  7. Ah look at those sunglasses!!!!

    I don't have much planned this summer. Right now I'm hiding from the heat and letting things come to me.

    If you wanted to join me you'd be welcome, but it's a loooong plane ride. On the other hand, there ARE a lot of ganeshes around.....


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