Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here are the photos that Kimberly took of the eclipse on Sunday. She just held a pair of viewing glasses in front of the camera lens and then shot these great photos. Thanks, Kimberly, for sharing them with all of us! What an incredible thing to witness. Nature sure does some great things all on its own.


  1. Wow, these are fantastic, thank you indeed!
    I didn't know, when I heard about the eclipse on Saturday morning, that it wouldn't be visible on the East Coast and spent a while peering up at they sky at 4:30 wondering when it was going to happen. I was on 5th Ave in NYC at the time and it would have been a fantastic place to see something so epic (a little scary maybe as well)! Oh well!

  2. oh made my we did not get to see it...these are awesome

  3. Absolutely amazing photos....thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful photos. I sure wish I had put a filter or sunglasses or something over my lens. These are great photos of the eclipse.
    Tell your daughter "Thanks".


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