Friday, May 4, 2012


Some people come into your lives and are there for just a short time. Others, come and go when it is convenient for them. And then, there are the ones that are there for the long haul....the ones that love you despite all your warts and comments. They seem to see you for what you really are and give you a card that says exactly that: "You are wonderfully made, original, and here to do amazing things." Yes, I am! And so are YOU!

How does one person become so wise in such a short amount of time here on earth? She is full of compassion, love, and kindness and exhibits it in her daily life by the way she lives. She gives me this card for my birthday but does she realize that SHE is the true gift? That SHE  is exactly all these words? They say that what we see in other people is a mirror of what is inside of us. I think that I believe that because in this case I see my life as being truly blessed and full. It is filled to overflowing with the gratitude that I feel for this person.

I remember years ago, when talking about the care of my mother to another person, that person said to me "Teri...we do it because it is the right thing to do." How those words seem to haunt me now. The right thing to do. I know that in my life I have made some horrible mistakes and said some things that I am sorry for but they have always come from a place of caring.

It is just now, at the age of 62 that I am realizing that not everyone sees what I see...that no matter how much I explain myself to someone, that person will never, ever be able to actually see what I am or what I mean because we all have different points of view. We are all unique individuals but yet we each come with our own set of eyes and vantage point. For years I thought that if I could just make my point well enough that my point would be observed and accepted. Not true. What a revelation. But this revelation comes with some difficulty to me to. What point is there in making ANY point, if mine is uniquely mine and yours is uniquely yours? Is there any point in discussing things, discussing issues, talking about my innermost thoughts and feelings? There has to be some bleed-over, doesn't there? Some dissemination of thoughts and information? Otherwise, why were we given the ability to reason?

All I know at this point in my life is that I am blessed to have the people in my life that I do. I am blessed beyond compare. And what I have finally realized at this ripe old age of 62 is that YOU are the gift to me. I don't need presents every time I see you because you come wrapped in all the glory of god. And for this, I am eternally grateful for. You have blessed me and you do things "because they are the right things to do."!!


  1. Beautiful! We don't always see the blessings in the people that surround us.
    Life is hard enough but without a friend who calls or sends a card saying I love you... warts and all, life would be lonely and much harder.
    You value this friendship because, although she probably doesn't know the whole you, she loves the part that she does know. How wonderful can some people be. She is a true blessing.

  2. Friends who send gifts like cd's in the mail are pretty amazing too ; )

  3. i love this....nothing is random you know....and the people we come in contact with are not either....and we never know how our touch will change the trajectory for be care-full among all the beauty-full...smiles....

  4. After visiting with an old friend last night, we too had this discussion. You only need people in your life that mean something and that love and like you (and accept you) for you who are. It's such a waste of energy and you're much better off spending it on things that really matter and that make you happy.


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