Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Saturday, the local park was inundated with families from the community for a fishing derby. The funds raised go to help build the community center located at the park. It is certainly a wonderful cause. And, there was lots of fun happening too!

You have to have the patience of a saint in order to fish. At least that is my perception. And I never caught a fish when I was little so the waiting always seemed excruciating to me. I'm not sure how these kids feel about it. Some of them look intent while others looked dazed and concerned. It could be the prize for the largest fish that worries and concerns them.

And just so everyone knows...girls love to fish too. Here is the evidence.

This family brought their little guy to teach him to fish at an early age! I asked if that worm was real and they replied to me "Yes, and it tastes good too"! You know what they say about kids putting everything into their mouths!
This is my neighbors son and grandson. He is such a sweetheart. And he is ready to fish.

I love all the fathers and sons, fathers and daughters at an event like this. It is what community is all about in my mind.

And here is evidence that there were actually fish caught at this fishing derby. I never did stay long enough to find out who got the largest one but it will probably be posted in the local paper. There isn't too much else to put in the local paper except things like this. It's such a small community but it is filled with big ideas and wonderful people. It's why we live here!


  1. nice...that is so much boys enjoy fishing...i have to get my license renewed though...we will go through out the summer...

  2. So nice to see all of those little ones learning to fish!

  3. The last time i fished, i was 21. A fish bit. I screamed and dropped my pole.

    Never again.

    You all seemed to have fun though!!


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