Thursday, May 3, 2012


Art on my walls is very diverse with a combination of art that I have purchased by other artists, art that I have done myself, and by my granddaughter Natalie.

Children's art is wonderful! It is full of spontaneity, color, and a freedom that I sometimes struggle with for hours. It is hard to make it child-like most often but a child has that freedom to do something straight from the heart without being tainted by life experiences and pre-conceived notions of what art "should" be like.

Natalie gave me this painting when she lost her first tooth. Look at how she was able to capture the movement of the tooth coming out of her mouth! Look at those eyes! Those eyes themselves tell a story...half-closed, that pain they express or something different? I see something especially wonderful in this face! The mouth with all its teeth carefully delineated by the dark pen...the eyelashes, the golden yellow hair. And that hand! Talk about abstract art! That hand comes straight up from the bottom of the page and does not have "fingers" per se. It doesn't need them to hold on to the tooth that has just been expelled from the mouth. It is not the main focus of the drawing, hence it takes a back-stage so-to-speak to the actual topic of the drawing: the TOOTH and THE MOUTH!

I am so lucky to have Natalie give me so many drawings. I keep them all too! I have an art portfolio for all her art and I know it sounds like something a grandmother would do but this grandmother has a degree in art and appreciates the finer things that hang on her wall!

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  1. haha..this is beautiful...i love kids are...they see things with such cool colors and textures....we have boxes of it here...


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