Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am following M. Heart's lead this morning of "Secret Notebooks-Wild Pages" and posting the poppies that are in my yard. They are just about finished blooming and I agree with M---they are fragile and fleeting really. I have not had the luck to have them spread in my yard yet and have never tried to move them. I love them so much and want them everywhere.

I picked poppies to show this morning for their very fragility. I am attending a funeral this morning for a man who was taken by cancer. To me, it seems that it was too soon but each of us has our time in the sun so to speak. His life, though filled with much happiness and joy, was fragile and fleeting, just as these poppies are. It reminds me "to stop and smell the roses" along the way and enjoy the moments we DO have. He will be missed by so many but the beauty of his life will remain in our hearts.

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  1. see, you just need to abuse them a little bit and try to move some around! just start with a few at the edges. i've moved them in very early spring and in the fall before they disappear completely in the grass.


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