Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am so frustrated right now! After typing this entire thing, my computer decided to do an update and I lost everything that I had been working on! No wonder I don't get accomplished what I think I should each day! Modern technology!

Anyway, here I go again----

After reading "Blue Sky Dreaming's" post yesterday regarding her "shed" I am inspired to post today about mine. I use mine to hold excess stuff from the house like she does too, but in addition I have a desk with a computer and monitor in case I decide I need to do something in Photo Shop, an iron twin-sized bed in case I decide I need to take a nap or just rest, a comfy chair in case I need to relax, a gas fireplace in case it gets cold, and lots and lots of magazines, art supplies (drawing table, pens, pencils, paint, brushes, you name it!) papers and canvas in case I decide I am inspired.

Inspiration! That is what I am lacking at the moment. I have everything else; there should be no excuse. But...where is my muse? I seem to have hit a dry spell of late but at least I am still taking photos and doing my blog. That is my creative outlet at the moment.

Sometimes life just gets in the way. I do what I can and I guess that has to be right for me at the moment. My mind has been preoccupied with my upcoming surgery on the 22nd but I am trying to go about my daily life and filling in with things so that it doesn't consume me altogether. I have to stay busy. It's just not the kind of busy that I envisioned at this time. But, go with the flow, right? We can't ever determine what each moment holds for us and as long as I'm heading in the right direction, I guess that's good enough.

Somehow when I put the two words together (read: good enough) it sounds as if I am settling; that I am not giving it my all. BUT...if I put a simple DOT, a PERIOD between the two words (read: Good. Enough) it changes the whole connotation of what I am, of what I am saying. Words...aren't they great?


  1. I write my posts in Word, and save them as I go. Then I cut and paste to Blogger. That might prevent their loss in event of an update.

  2. ooh, I really like that. Good. Enough. Perfect.
    Thanks for the great post. Good luck with your surgery. your shed sounds wonderful and your gardens are lovely.

  3. Leslie--It was really my own fault since it warned me that I had 10 min. and I just didn't realize how fast 10 min. really went! There are so many things in here that I still have to learn. I am trying though. The winds came up and blew all the clouds away today and I am SURE they were going north towards you. My luck, right?

    Bethany--thanks for your comment. It's funny how just a punctuation mark or a different inflection can change the whole total meaning of something, isn't it? Thanks for the good wishes. I think that I will be fine. I have all your blogs to follow to take my mind off things!!!

  4. Your shed is a true cottage in a beautiful setting...all that is missing might be a kitchen?! ha
    Best to you with your surgery and I'm sure your garden will be a healing force.

  5. Dear "Blue"--Yes, a kitchen AND a bathroom would be ideal. Then I would have a place to get away on occasions. Sometimes I get down there, get all settled, start working and then have to go back up to the house for the bathroom. The garden does keep me busy, that's for sure. I would probably be out there more if it weren't for the darned mosquitoes! There are bad this year. You probably don't have them at the ocean, do you? Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm sure I'll be fine. Just a flat tire on the road of life!

  6. Teri, I am trying to figure out how to get in touch with you since you wrote such amazing comments on my blog -- I am so touched you follow it and that you like my art so much -- especially coming from a fellow (and very talented) artist -- though I wish I could see your work bigger -- I tried to click on the images on the right of your blog. Yes, my work is for sale -- if it is available, which most of it is...the making I am good at, the selling, not so much! Anyway, please be in touch: bethany (at)

    thanks again, I was deeply touched.


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