Saturday, June 6, 2009


In my part of the country, the sun has decided to remain hidden. Usually very bright and full of intense heat and passion, the sun currently has taken a sabbatical. So, my beets remain stagnant, the mosquitoes are abundant, and my lawn is growing like crazy because it is too damp to mow most days. I have heard that we are in a drought here in California but personally, I am not experiencing it.

We live on a well and have water until the well decides to run dry. And, it has in the past. In fact, we are on our fourth well here which becomes very expensive, is hazardous during long, hot summers, and certainly makes life much more difficult when you do have to ration the amount of water you have.

When we first moved here we lived without electricity for about six or eight years. (I say eight, my husband says six. Maybe it just FELT longer!) But, living without electricity made you appreciate it that much more when you finally got it. We learned to be very conservative with electricity and to this day, we turn lights out constantly throughout the house and in the evenings we usually only have one small light on while watching TV. It just became a habit.

The same holds true for water. Before we had our well drilled we had to haul water in to use for drinking and cooking. We bathed at friends and family's houses, and we also recycled what little water we did use. It not only washed your hands but it watered a plant outside. We never threw it down a drain. It always did double-duty. So, to this day we are very frugal with our water usage here too. It's just another habit that is hard to break.

California is an arid state and I once heard from Dr. Dodge, a weather person for the state, that eventually the desert would move gradually north. I'm not sure exactly how long that will take but it certainly gives one pause to think. Perhaps lawns should be abolished completely. It would make more sense. Plant vegetables or fruit trees in their place. And, when you run the water to brush your teeth, capture it in a basin and then take it outside and water one of those plants. How hard could that be?

I know that here on "Mole Hill" we are gradually replacing our lawn areas. Last year we totally obliterated the front lawn and replaced it with driveway. On the side of the house, formerly another grassy area, was replaced with a nice brick patio. It makes better sense there anyway. Now when you put a table and chairs out there to sit on the legs of the chair don't sink into the grass. And, it's easy to take care of: just a quick sweep of the broom and it looks great. Another benefit is that it doesn't harbor insects. Especially that dreaded mosquito. They find me like I am fitted with radar! Instantly swoop in for the kill (or swarm until the leader says "dive"!).

So, sun: quit hiding from behind those clouds and show your face. We are missing your brilliance and warmth and certainly would love to bask beneath your rays one of these afternoons. don't need to get so "hot and heavy". I can take a bit of foreplay first.

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