Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello everyone! I am back home now. I think that I did pretty well during the operation. I am a bit tender today but I'm on the road to recovery. I'll have to think about what to post (picture-wise) today because I'm sure you wouldn't want to see a photo of me sticking up in all directions, neck bandaged, etc.

I had a room in the hospital with a wonderful lady who turned out to be the same age as me within a month. If you didn't know better, you'd have thought we knew each other before because we layed in our beds late at night talking about our families and things related to us. We joked that we had one heck of a slumber party, pajamas and all. We just were lacking the popcorn!

Her name is Betty and her husband had passed away about 2 years ago, as well as her oldest son. It was very sad to hear her talk about her loss but she has learned to handle it and channel her energies elsewhere. Her husband was in the airforce so she traveled extensively throughout her life and lived in exotic places like Japan for three years. It was fun listening to her tell me about things in her life. I am constantly amazed at the places you will meet wonderful people. At the end of our stay yesterday she told me I was the best "roomie" she had had during her week-long stay. That made me feel great and she ended up getting released yesterday also. She was excited to be going home to see her goldfish!! She says that they recognize her and jump out of the water when she gets home! Isn't that fun? They probably know what a loving person she is. When I was getting ready to leave she handed B a piece of paper with her name, address, and phone number so I could keep in touch with her. And I will.

Friendship: it comes in all shapes and sizes, it takes all forms (letters, blogs) and you really know when you've been blessed. You feel the love and the warm thoughts across the miles. Thank you to everyone who was thinking about me during this time. I know it really worked because the doctor said that I did really well and hardly had any bleeding and recovered nicely. Just as I planned!!

I'm sending you all my favorite flower: the pansy. These were growing in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington and they were VERY happy there. I hope to be able to get some rest in and I will be reading all your blogs every day. You all will be helping me recuperate here in California. Thanks so much for your blog friendship. Even though I don't know any of you personally, I KNOW you through your blogs. Each of you has a different personality, your own style and character and I love you all for your differences and creativity. Like I said early in my post: you never know where you meet friends. I consider all of you my friends. We all touch each others hearts and to me, that is what is important.


  1. Teri: It is good to hear it went well, that you found a new friedn ad that you sound great. Enjoy your R & R time. Good resting to you!

  2. You sound great Teri. Isn't amazing how things can work out if you have the right attitude. You went in for surgery and made a new friend. Turning lemons into lemonade!


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