Thursday, June 4, 2009


While reading my "Country Living" magazine last night in the bathtub, I came across this little article that I thought was of interest. In this time in our nation where everyone seems to be doing with less (out of necessity or just because of frugality) what better way to give back to those who have given so much to and for us and our country? I'm wondering how well advertised this is? Wouldn't it be great if everyone who has frequent flyer miles would give some of them away to help a soldier?

When my husband worked for the County there were often people who had to take emergency time off due to a surgery or a family illness or problem and sometimes they didn't have enough time left "on the books" to be paid for that time. They were often asked to donate some of their time to these individuals so that they could get the time off with pay. I think it is a noble gesture and often goes unnoticed. But, those who have contributed silently know who they are and have to feel good about themselves for doing it. I'm sure they will have good Karma for their deeds. And, giving without expecting something in return is the ultimate gift a person can give.

On another note, how is every one's weather the last couple of days? We had a heck of a storm last night. We had a HUGE lightning storm with over 1,400 strikes per hour, hail, wind, and rain that came down so hard and fast in such a short time that it overflowed our rain gutters and most of the ditches on the road.

I am not a big fan of lightning since our house was hit a few years ago. It blew sheet rock off the ceiling in the garage. It fried all the wires leading to the phones so that when the repairman came and took off the plates on the walls they were all black inside! We lost all our stereo equipment, our washer and dryer, our TV, our garage door opener, and eventually our refrigerator had to be replaced. It sounded as though a bomb went off when it hit.

I cannot imagine what it would feel and sound like to be in an actual war zone. Think of all the innocent people who are caught up in the middle of some ego maniacal quest for more land, more oil, more money. If just one lightning bolt caused so much damage to my psyche and to my home, imagine what the innocent live with on a daily basis! I guess I am thankful to live in a country that is not caught up in a war. But, that doesn't mean it can't or won't happen here in the future. Sometimes things are beyond any of our control. All we can do is sit by and hope that the storm doesn't come our way and if it does that we are safe and secure in our homes. It gives one pause to think and be thankful for what we have and for what we might take for granted.

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  1. The weather here is still pretty cold for my liking. Seeds in the garden are germinating, but slowly, and here it is June! The growing season was already short enough!

    This sounds like a great idea, donating frequent flier miles. Of course I don't have any because I don't fly but...I will mention this to some friends at work who might.


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