Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday was our last day on Orcas Island and it was such an incredible day! There was a farmer's market loaded with great food, flowers, arts and crafts. The town was really bustling and I am imagining with mostly locals. It was great to see so many people walking around town with their dogs and children and generally having a great day. And, to top it off, there was a Solstice parade at noon the likes of something I have never seen. Clearly the parade was "alternative" but that doesn't bother me. Remember me? I used to live in a 40 foot school bus while we were building our house and we didn't have electricity or running water. So, alternative really doesn't bother me at all. My daughter's call this group of people "granola" or "dome-ies" (named after the student at UC Davis who live an alternative life-style while on campus and their living quarters are geodesic domes. They raise their own food, ride bikes everywhere, and also raise chickens right on the premises. Naturally, they are free-range chickens. What else!

But, my point is this: the parade was incredible. I suppose that because they are so far north and experience many more daylight hours than we do here in the foothills a great deal farther south, that it is important to celebrate the return of the sun. Everyone was dressed in such bright colors, there was wonderful music playing (it ranged from bagpipes to drums to boom boxes) but everyone was definitely in a great mood. The weather was so perfect. A few clouds with great blue skies behind, a bit of a breeze, and at the end: the sun graced the celebration by putting on its own display with a corona, which, by the way, promptly went away after the parade was over.

There was music in the town center (I will post a picture later on this week and show you the town center...quite impressive with the giant timber they used for supports) and other sites around the island.

I am kind of sad to be home yet kind of pleased to be home. There is always a bit of melancholia associated with returning home after such a great experience someplace so unique. I would move there in a heart-beat if my kids lived closer. Somehow part of me thinks that I could not leave them. They are such an integral part of my life and I like it that way. But, maybe I should try it for a bit and see how it feels? Just maybe...

So, happy summer solstice to everyone. Here's wishing that the longest day of the year (today) gave you lots of time outside to accomplish what you needed to do or enough sunlight to be able to enjoy what you didn't need to accomplish but just wanted to hang out and enjoy some quiet time reading or gardening or holding hands with your sweetie! Here's to a happy father's day to all those fathers out there and to the lucky sons and daughters who actually still have their dad's around to celebrate with. Mine died when I was seven so the majority of my life has been without a father, although I had a great step-father for quite a few years of my life. He, too, has since gone on. I love you both even if you are not here to hear me say it. If your spirit is around, you will know that I do.

Tomorrow is the big day. At the hospital at 5:30 AM--surgery at 7 AM. I know I can count on all of you to send me good vibes and thoughts and shower me with healing thoughts as well. I'm sure I will sense all your thoughts and it will help calm me and assuage any of my fears. I thank you all in advance! Talk to you in a few days.

Oh---one last thing: the photo of the children carrying the world on the shoulders is great, isn't it? In reality, the weight of the world and all that will come to pass in the future will rest directly on their shoulders. Such a burdon to pass on to our children. Let's hope that they can come up with a new paradigm of thinking and be able to solve all the problems both enviornmental and emotionally. Like the bumper sticker I have reads: "When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power the World Will Know Peace". It's all good, Jimi!!! (Hendrix)


  1. Fabulous!!!! Thank you Teri. I have a fantastic time touring with you and this just caps it!

  2. Woonderful photos and parade description...glad you had such a good time.
    Best to you this week in your recovery!

  3. I wish you a speedy recovery Teri!
    This parade reminds me of the Bread & Puppet performances we sometimes attend in VT...looks fantastic. A great way to end your stay.

  4. Fantastic! Beautiful photos and colors!


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