Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today seems like such a strange day: from hearing about the death of "an Angel" to the death of a "rock Star". One can never predict what the future holds and yet we live as though we have a lifetime ahead of us each day when in reality, it could just be a second.

These rocks were on the shore at the beach we used while in Orcas Island. While I was wandering around picking stones up each day, it hit me: where did these rocks come from? Were they from some far-away land at one time and now washed up on this shore? What made one rock stand out from the other in my eyes? Was there something the rock was trying to tell me or show me? Some of the rocks made it all the way home with me in a bag. And some I stacked up one day in descending (or ascending) order (which ever way you choose to look at it) and wondered how many of them would be there the next day. Some of them would be washed by the waves, some would be knocked over by people who chose to look at them differently than I had, and some would remain there, perched on the piece of driftwood that I had stacked them up on until their time was over and they would be cast back to the water, destined to travel to another distant land.

Perhaps "the Angel" and "the Rock Star" are now among the stones of the many oceans and rivers in this place we call "world" or "home" or "earth". They are drifting now toward another beach, waiting to be picked up by someone who finds something special in them; something that makes them shine in someones eyes. We are never lost or gone forever; we are just rearranged on a different beach in a different time.

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  1. Lovely post on the coming and going of these souls.
    I have been interested in stones and pebbles so this had a strong connection for me...thanks and hope your are on the mend!


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