Friday, June 26, 2009


Walking around Friday Harbor on San Juan Island was a real treat. Store after store of fun things to look at and a feast for my eyes because I live in an area devoid of many stores. Sure, we have the hardware store, the grocery store, an auto parts store, a small library only open on certain days due to budget cuts, an antique store, and a few bars (why is it that there are more bars than anything else in our town?) But, a clothing store or a shoe store? Not one in sight.

We used to have one. In fact, I worked in it for a few years part-time as I was going to college late in life. But, with the slow economy and other things that got in the owner's way, the store had to move to a more populated area. It's a shame really. Now, even the bigger stores in our adjoining town are going out of business. Pretty soon we'll have to drive over an hour just to be able to purchase shoes and clothing unless you want to shop at Target. That will probably be the only one that remains open.

I was amazed to see such HIGH heeled shoes in a shop located on an island that you can only reach via ferry. And, it's a pretty hilly town too. It doesn't seem that these shoes would be very useful yet there they were: in the shop window, raised high on their pedestals, in my two most favorite colors: red and black. I have never owned a pair of shoes these high and I probably never will in my lifetime either. But, I know that there are those who do purchase and wear shoes this high. I admire the ability to walk in these and not look wobbly. I never could! But, they make me smile when I look at them and just might end up being framed on my wall in my bedroom. I guess that's about as close to me as they will ever get. Better on my wall that on my feet. I'm sure I'd end up with a broken ankle or foot or?


  1. hey thanks for your visit...

    i have my "opening night" shoes that only come out on the town when there's a premiere of something i've made cozzies for
    the rest of the time they're on display ...lovely black suede sculptural object...

  2. Great photo and with interesting matt and frame would make a lovely piece! I used to wear high heels and walk up and down the hills of SF but now I wear shoes for comfort!


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