Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's been a busy week. It seems that we have been running back and forth to Auburn quite a lot lately. Between two retirement parties and work it really makes you assess what you want out of life and where you live.

This photo was taken this week around 6:30 AM. I was on my way to work and the sun had not even peeked up over the hills in the background. But, when I glanced out the window of my car it gave me reason to pause, stop the car and take a photo. The thought that came to mind was "purple mountain majesty", like the song. How lucky I am to wake up each morning in a place that is so beautiful. I have very few neighbors close by, no traffic noise, no dinky little fenced-in backyard, no street lights blaring in the windows at night, no need to even have curtains or drapes (although we choose to for energy efficiency). And, thinking about the retirement party made me realize how fortunate I am to have the FREEDOM to enjoy all this each day!

My job this summer is almost over. Soon, I will have time to sleep in late if I choose to, to go for long walks every day, to ready the yard for next springs garden, to read and sew and paint, to plan for the new baby that will grace us with "its" presence next year...this is retirement TOO (I just don't have the retirement paycheck to go along with the freedom). But, when you think about it, money isn't everything.

NPR had a segment yesterday regarding how rich is "rich". It seems that no matter how much money you make, you will always spend accordingly. So, maybe the key is to do with less. After all, like that old saying goes "you can't take it with you."

I guess what I am trying to get at is that each of us makes a choice each day to live and do exactly what we want. Some of us have chosen to live in neighborhoods with street lights and dinky little backyards with fences. I am not saying that this is wrong. Just not for me. When we have been looking at new homes to buy in the last few months, these are things that we take into consideration. Do we want close neighbors? Do we want lots of land? Could we stand that street light in the cul-de-sac shining into our bedroom window at night? What are the neighbors like? Ultimately, at least for me, it's going to have to be a house that "speaks" to me when I walk in. And who knows? We just might decide to stay put right here. After all: there are just some things that money cannot buy.

I am thinking that this is probably the most difficult time in our lives, as far as trying to figure out what is really important and what is not. Things that never entered our minds before were "does it have stairs" and if so "are their bedrooms located on the main level?" "How much land comes with it" (Do we want lots of yard work the older we get or could we be happy with just a postage-stamp yard with low-maintenance?) Driving time, hospitals, location in regards to our children and grandchildren, access to cultural events---these are all things that start to enter the mind. I guess the only thing is to meditate on it and let things happen in their own time. Things always have a way of working out the way that they were meant to.


  1. lots of good thoughts is more than money...and i am rich in many ways...thanks for reminding me to appreciate that...and those mountains are beautiful...thanks for stopping to take the pic for us...

  2. Your vista is similar to what we have around us here, beauty and peace. We (or, at least, I) have the same quandary; whether to downsize and go back to the dinky little backyard and the thought of neighbours so close and, traffic lights (the first set is an hour away!). We'll stay as long as possible but I have so many 'wotifs' that creep into my mind now and then, as we do have a lot of work outside.

    Love the photo and do enjoy your time off, doing all the things you love.

  3. It seems you are about to make some serious life changes...exciting. Hoping all the best unfolds for you. Brian is do live in the most wonderful place. And I appreciate your sharing it with us.

  4. These are a lot of the same thoughts I've been having lately - what is important, what can I live without, how can I unchain myself from the office grind, should we stay in our funky old house or should we be looking for something more efficient so we spend less on heat and electricity, and on and on. The more I think the more confused I get so, like you, I'm just meditating and waiting, trying to be patient...

  5. great post with lots to chew on. lots of decisions to make. your photo is splendid! purple mountains and grapes! methinks that when one is satisfied with where one lives and what one does and the peeps that one loves, one is rich... ciao bella!

  6. I think I commented earlier....but was thinking of you today while out in the yard. I was going to let you know how difficult it is as a gardener to live in a neighborhood with homes too close together. When the little ones come out to can kiss your meditation time goodbye... barking dogs, loud music, and chaos is what I live with here...and I find I'm spending more time inside my house or off at places I know peacefulness can be found. Surely I must sound like an old lady saying these things! Hope you opt for a quiet place with some natural land surrounding you. I think you would miss your solitude I do.


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