Thursday, September 30, 2010


It almost Halloween. Actually, the stores think that it is Christmas! Have you noticed all the decorations in the stores already? We don't even have time to enjoy one holiday before it gets here.I saw this at the entrance to a property way out in the middle of nowhere. Come to think of it, that could be read "Now Here". Sometimes you don't know where you are going until you get there!
A reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride!

Creativity has no limits. All you need is imagination and viola...a Mandarin orange! (This is at Miller's Honey Farm where he also grows mandarins).

A reminder (at least to me) that man has a hand in all things related to nature and some of them can be permanently disfiguring and detrimental.

And finally...another shoe along the road. The picture says it all!


  1. whose shoe..oh no...

    nice orange dude...smiles.

    the doll head is a bit freaky...

  2. I was driving down the highway last week and spotted one shoe on the side of the road. What the heck?
    The holidays seem to be crammed down our throats long before the actually holiday. It sort of takes away from the meaning of each holiday and they seem to become mechanical....if we let them.
    I put some mums on the porch today and that felt right. I love your reminder above and I think that it should apply to the nature of holidays as well. But I'm sure I just sound grumpy for mentioning be it.
    Love that you take us along on your day...they are very interesting photos you find. I loved the guy with organic farm. Those tomato plants were huge. I wonder what his secret is.
    Have a super day Teri. xo

  3. Wonderful photos!! That doll is spooky~~~~~
    A few times in the last two weeks I have been to the "middle of nowhere" in Montana. It's fun not knowing where you are if you don't panic and you have a good camera. Right?

  4. Farm Lady--Are you back from your trip? I need to check in. I have been so busy the past couple of weeks. Hope you had a good time.

    Brian--Yes, that head! How do you think I felt when I drove down that lonesome road and spotted that at the driveway???!!! I just try and "go invisible" so no harm comes my way. Ignorance is bliss, right?

    Melanie--yes the job has its good points, that's for sure. Anyone can have this job too. Just check you country Ag. Dept. for openings. No experience needed but be warned that the pay is not good!

  5. Those shoes just keep showing up. See my post "If the shoe fits" as a reminder. I just keep adding to the group. One day, maybe two shoes will be reunited!!


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