Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's life's cruel joke, isn't it?
Just when you think you have plenty of time
the glass gets pinched in the middle,
squeezing, constricting, pinching
the time we think we have.
The remainder of time
fills quickly,
ever so
before you know it
you are now at the bottom of
the glass, looking back at the pinched neck
and wondering where all that time you thought you
had, disappeared to. Where did it all go? In the blink of an eye
your children are grown; are married; are having children of their own.
And you? You are at the bottom of the glass, looking up, piled high with sand in
your eyes, trying to dig yourself out for one last moment, one last shot to be at the top.
The saving grace is that each one of those grains of sand are a part of you. They are all with you
at the bottom of the heap, surrounding you with joy, with laughter, with love, and you...?
You wait for
the glass to be turned
over and it

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  1. I'm impressed with your creativity and your words. Awesome!

  2. that bit of hope there in the least we are not alone at the bottom...and i wish our hourglasses did turn...

  3. This is really good Teri....perfectly said. I like the part about turning the hour glass over and starting again.

    You wait for the glass to be turned over and it starts all over again.

    My favorite part.

  4. such an unfailing truth of time. thanks for the share :)

  5. Wonderful writing! I like the idea of those grains of sand all part of me..and the tipping over begin again?

  6. These are wonderful, beautiful words, and the truth of them makes me cry. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  7. This is lovely .... turning over the hourglass sounds much more civilized than my 'flipping.'

  8. Great take on the passage of time in our lives. I also like the way you arranged the text to mimic the action.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the comments. I tried to arrange the lines so that they indeed did look like an hour glass but Blogger rearranged them for me. They still resemble it somewhat but not as much as I wanted it to look.

  10. A creative format and well crafted words - nice read!

  11. "When we have a plenty of time, the glass get pinched in the middle".. so true! this was lovely!

  12. Ah, the circle of life. I'm afraid I'm looking up at the pinched neck!

  13. yes the passage of time is the one constant- day by day, week, month and year go by- your words expressed it all so well.


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