Sunday, November 21, 2010

"A Good Day" With Brother David Steindl-Rast

Just in case things get too hectic this week (or too snowy with no internet) here is a short video that speaks to something that is important to me.

We had snow the last couple of days and our internet was sketchy. We even had to (or should I say B had to) go out last night in the snow and push off the snow from the satellite dish so that we could finish watching the movie we had started. Satellite is not always reliable in bad weather.

I am hoping that all my internet friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the simple gifts that we are given and remember to enjoy each day. Each day is such a gift. It is not the outward things that we accumulate but inward things that have great meaning. We can each share our passions with each other and share the gifts with each other. I repeat what the video says: be thankful for the eyes you have been given to see. There are certainly others less fortunate around us and it is at this time of the year that we are reminded how we can share our gifts with others.


  1. Thank you Teri,
    I truly believe that each day is a gift. When I was 39 yrs old they found a lump in my breast and I spent the next five years thinking that I would not live to see my children grow up, but they did and I learned to see every day as a very special gift, every moment as something to treasure.
    We must always want to be here and we always need to pay attention. Life is a flower. It comes, it's beautiful, and it leaves. If we aren't paying attention we miss the beauty and the expectation.... and when that happens, we start to dwell on the sadness and pain and we become reactionary... and life becomes something to struggle through. How sad.
    In a perfect world everyone could have joy, peace and happiness. This in not possible for some. They are dealt a bad hand to begin with. But for those of us who have a choice? We need to make each day "A good day".... as good as possible within the parameters of our life.... and be grateful... and give thanks.


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