Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last night I sat in front of my computer and watched a live feed from the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. It was recommended by Melanie and I thought it sounded quite interesting. So, I had the evening to myself as B was at a meeting in Auburn most of the evening. I found it very interesting, to say the least. It was all about listening basically. Forms of non-verbal communication and finding meaning in what we used to intrinsically know without having to speak or write things down.

This lecture was given by Robert Svoboda, B.A.M.S. and it was his "swan song" as he put it because he is taking a sabbatical soon. One thing I found very interesting was that he said that we should try not to think. Thinking just gets in the way of what we are supposed to learn. Just let it come; let it happen. Disconnect from the idea that you are doing things. We can choose to participate to move in one direction of another. This is fairly close to what I had written in my poem about Hanuman. And, I think this is exactly what he was talking about: how one thing happens, maybe a week or two before, but then right before your eyes a week or two later is the connection to that one thing. All things are linked. All people are linked. And, how I do believe this.

If you think about it, there was a time when there was no alphabet; no written language. That all had to be invented. What did people do before they were able to speak a language? According to Robert Svoboda we were able to communicate non-verbally. He gave an example of how a person who needed to communicate to someone in a great distance could actually save time by just sending his thoughts to him rather than traveling the distance up the hill and down the road, which would take him more time. Interesting. I have had numerous instances where my thoughts have reached across the United States. One instance I remember quite clearly was when I was sending an email to Melanie regarding an article I had read titled "Dew on the Grass". She immediately sent me an email stating that she had just sat down on the sofa to write her blog when she got this vivid image of some moisture, some dew, on her lawn out in front. I was blown away, to say the least. I know this happens to me quite often in other ways also, such as just thinking of someone and then the phone rings and they are calling me.

So, do you believe in non-verbal communication? Have things like this happened to you also? In our ever-present ability to try and humanize the world, have we lost the very connection to the small things that might really matter? We are still driven by things under the surface; by Karma. It's important for us to remember that because it will have to be dealt with either sooner or later. Melanie reminds us today in her post about random acts of kindness. It is a good lesson to keep in the forefront. How we treat others, how well we communicate with others either verbally or non-verbally, ultimately does matter. As Robert Svoboda said last night: be open to things coming TO you. There is ALWAYS a connection.

From the lecture: The person who leaves the known road for the unknown road knows what he leaves behind. Namaste'


  1. I'm going to have to find this video clip and watch...sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Loved what you had to say here.

  2. oh i like that closing is intriguing how much smaller our world has would think this would open a new age of enlightenment with the ability to share instantaneous...but...

  3. After watching Friday night's lecture I wish I would have found a way to be out there for the whole weekend. I took 7 pages of notes.

    I was also struck by his advice to not think too much, or to spend some time each day doing non-verbal activities. I'm always reading, writing, and thinking about what I just read and what I'm about to write, so this is going to be difficult — but I see his point.

    I'm glad you watched Teri!

  4. I love this. I love the closing quote. Wonderful! I don't "believe" in nonvebal communication. It just is. No? I rather think you feel the same way.

    Kudos. Fine work.

    Peace and Hugs,

  5. do you have a video of the live feed saved ? if yes could you please share ?

  6. Vikram--I tried to link to you and was not able so I hope that you come back to this page. I do not have a live video saved but I bet if you contacted SecretNotebooks, Wild Pages (blog of M. Heart) she would be able to direct you to it. She is the one that told me about this when I watched it. I hope that this helps.


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