Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My daughter sent me this reflection on her cabinet the other day. The reflection was not so important as what my granddaughter said about the reflection. She said that this looked just like the inside of a frog's hand! And doesn't it? What was amazing to me was that she knew what a frog's "hand" looked like and that she also knew what the "inside" of a frog's "hand" looked like! To say that means that she understands the theory of X-ray techniques, doesn't it? She recognizes that we can see inside our bodies (or frogs, as the case may be). Such a precocious child. What will she see when she is six? Or seven? I just hope that she doesn't lose the ability to "see".


  1. that is too cool...and yes it does...and what abright little one for thinking creatively!

  2. what I like even more- is that your daughter 1) sent you the picture, and 2) related the whole conversation to you.

    That is a gift.

  3. she is thoughtful.
    way to go.
    you have an angel with you,
    have a smiling day.

  4. saddly as we grow older , we loose sight of the true, children`s see things from the eyes of purity and innocence, lovely thank you

  5. as we grow older we loose sight of the true children`s see life with purity and innocence thank u to remind me , lovely


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