Friday, November 5, 2010


Since my job ended last Friday, things have just been a whirlwind of activity around here. I've had luncheons to attend (thank you Darryl!), retirement parties to attend, and lots of things happening at home too. But, between all these things we managed to take our annual drive up to the Sierras the other day. What a glorious day it was! I could have bathed in the color that was present. It's hard to describe how vibrant the colors really just do not do them justice.

There are quite a few stone buildings that seem to have been built in the early part of the century along the river. Many are lived in either seasonally or annually. This one looked to have been restored and it even had wire in all the openings so that people could just peer inside.

This is a shot of the South Yuba river along Highway 80 on the way to Truckee. I would think that normally there would be much more water but it is at the end of the season so the rain and snow have yet to fill it up. Soon, it will be gushing, I'm sure.

The sky was filled with contrails from jets. It seemed that they were criss-crossing each other in every direction. I kept thinking of all the ones that were heading east toward many of you. I wish that I could have been on one of those planes heading east. Maybe one day soon.

This was an old barn on Highway 89 heading north. This is part of a huge piece of property that sits all by itself in this nice valley and is for sale. When I expressed interest in it my husband pointed out to me that there were no power lines in site. I think that I've had enough of "no power" this week. Each day this week there has been a power outage. Even today when we came home from errands in town the power was off again. What is going on? Do I get a discount on my monthly bill for being so inconvenienced each day? Sure!!! If you work for PG&E though, you get a discount on your monthly bill. My cousin and his wife both retired from PG&E and he was complaining to me about the huge electric bill that they experienced last winter after moving up here in the mountains. And that was with his discount, he informed me. Things are a bit different here in the mountains I suppose. It gets colder here than in the Bay Area for one thing. And, now that they are home all day, they need to use more electricity. At least they get a discount.

A wonderful old barn along the way. I love old barns with rust and weathered wood. I try and stop to photograph as many as I can because I know that one of these days they might not be there again. Progress happens and things change so quickly.

This is where we had out lunch. We went to the bakery at Blairsden and bought some goodies for dessert and then drove to the Mill Pond in Graeagle and sat and had our picnic lunch. It was such a gorgeous, sunny day and the sun was so warm. Again, I thought how lucky I am to be able to go and have lunch at a place like this in the middle of the week. I feel so lucky and fortunate to be able to do and go wherever I want, whenever I want to. The blessings just never stop! I don't need a huge amount of money; just enough gas and enough time to get me where I want to go.

These are remnants of old logging operations. If I am not mistaken, I think that they used to burn slash in these. Graeagle (and specifically Cal Pine) were old lumber towns. The logging in these areas has died and now the towns have turned towards being more resort in function. Graeagle has two golf courses and beautiful condos and homes. And the town is actually quite cute with an art gallery and many wonderful stores to shop at. One of my favorites is Eco Centric. It has lots of jewelry and clothing, most of which are hand-made and organic. It's a wonderful place to spend some time and it also has lots of children's toys and clothing too. The owner used to live in Dallas, Texas but her husband was transferred with the railroad. I asked her what everyone does there. She replied "work in their gardens". She loves the peace and quiet of this town. I don't blame her.
This is a shot of the hills as we drove back home towards Nevada City and Grass Valley. This road follows the Yuba River all the way and is a gorgeous day-trip. We're expecting rain this weekend so there is the possibility that most of this color will be washed away by the rain and wind. I'm glad that I got to see it the other day. I'm glad that I was able to share it with you all. Thanks for coming along with me.


  1. these are all really cool...esp love teh stone building...but have always had a thing for old barns...thing it might take me a while b/c i would be stopping to investigate it all...

  2. Wow Teri....these are amazing places you have visited. And I love being able to travel with you vicariously. Glad you're enjoying your time off of work. The garden clean up here has finally slowed. The winds pretty much took care of things for me... a blessing...although I do like the physical work out...and have missed out. I can't believe the holiday season is already on the way.

  3. What a wonderful spot - I love the look of those pine-covered hills!

  4. Oh...makes me homesick for Oregon and the sweet smell of pine needles in the sun! Lovely photos, every one! And the slash burners always remind me of shuttlecocks.

  5. What a fun and beautiful trip with you today. Nice photos! Especially loved the fall foliage and the barns...

  6. Love your old buildings, especially that first one. I wonder what its original use was? Looks to me like you had a wonderful day out!

  7. what a romantic and remarkable trip.
    Thanks for sharing.
    love the nature.mountain views.
    They are divine.


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