Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My ever-present crow, as he sits on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a rock I found that someone had written "Peace" on with some charcoal, and a heart of stone that I found fairly close to that rock. If I had walked a different path that day, I might not have seen any of these. It is important to follow your heart. It may lead down a different path but it will never lead you astray.

Last night our power, which is supplied to us by PG&E (for those of you in different parts of the country that stands for Pacific Gas and Electric) went out. We sat around with kerosene lamps and candles until it was time to go to bed. It was not bright enough to read by that kind of light and we were unprepared and didn't have a supply of kerosene on hand. So, on the list of things to pick up and have on hand for the up-coming winter is kerosene. And plenty of candles. The computer was not an option either so I will publish some pictures tomorrow from our latest travels this week. What wonderful colors we saw today.

PG&E has been in our local news the past couple of days in regards to the Smart Meters they have installed on people's homes. There is a special report airing tomorrow night regarding the concerns about radio frequency waves and the health issues that they may pose. Remember how everyone a few years ago carried around plastic bottles, thinking that they were innocuous? And then it was revealed that the risk of cancer became increased from the dioxins in the plastic? Perhaps these Smart Meters are the same. It always seems that there isn't enough being done to study all the possible adverse affects of new items before they are sent main-stream. You can read more about the issues regarding these Smart Meters here: It reminds me of the study about cell phones and their use. Still lots of concerns and lots of controversies regarding these. Are they nation-wide or just here on the west coast? I know that we don't have one here but some of our neighbors do. Concerns for higher rates swirl around in regards to these too. People have complained about their bills spiking after they were installed. I always worry about big companies and the services they offer. They have a captive audience. There are no other options here for power other than PG&E. They don't even offer great incentives for solar installation on houses. We checked in to having solar installed on our roof and it wouldn't even pay us to do it. This is so sad. There are limited amounts of fossil fuels in the world. Sun...I don't see it running out in my lifetime. Or in a few hundred lifetimes.

And did we have sun today! It was almost in the 80's today. What a treat for November. What a glorious day we had in the Sierras today. More on that tomorrow. Until then, I hope you all experience the guidance of the crow, find peace in your lives, and have love all around you.


  1. Wonderful images!
    Thank you!
    Have a great day!

  2. what cool finds along the way...had not heard about the pg&e smart meters when it does not pay to look into alternative energy...we have to do something...really...

  3. what miracles for you this day

  4. It was a really beautiful day in the Sierra Foothills today. Almost like summer again. I hear a couple of crows when I walk to the top of the hill but they never comes down near the house. Strange. There are two of them and they always greet me at the top. I guess it's their home up there and they want me to know that.
    Lovely photos....


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