Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Nobody is a Victim Here" by Here II Here

Last night I had the opportunity to go and watch Here II Here in Sacramento. What an amazing concert it was. They have a spiritual message, a great sense of humor, an incredible beat, and filled the room with love, joy, and an upbeat message.

The back of their CD lists all the songs that appear but are written in a way that there is a message too.
The CD is titled: Waking Journey so it starts like this: The Waking Journey is here. WALK WITH ME and discover that IT'S ALL LIGHT in this moment that always says YES to itself. This moment, which is the birthplace and resolution of YOUR DREAMS. Dreams of EARTHLINGS AND PLANKTON, despair and liberation! In this moment all is seen for the FIRST TIME, last time, no time...and includes all time, all change. All TIME IV CHANGE, this moment is closer than each breath. LEJOS DE LA NADA y mas cerca que el amor, so obvious, it get overlooked and appears to be an ALIEN lost IN THOUGHT, lost in space, longing for its fears to be erased with the sacred resonance of OM, NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA! This moment is HOLY. This moment is Here.

"Here II Here provides not simply music, but a total experience that expands the mind, opens the heart and then touches the soul. I feel gifted by having heard them." Neale Donald Walsch author of Conversations with God.


  1. ha. that was a fun this was thoroughly entertaining...

  2. Wonderful post and video. Thanks for the intro. Hadn't heard of them at all.

    I will have to research further.

    Jamie Dedes

    P.S.- Enjoyed the arrtwork in your blogroll. Nice!

  3. I like this message very much- to live in the moment-- I am trying to become more conscious and aware of my surroundings. The music video is wonderful.

  4. This was fantastic!!! I'll be looking for their CD...good music on this video...can't wait to hear the rest of the CD. Thanks Teri.
    BTW I left you a response on my comments section today...I'm never sure if anyone actually comes back to read them.
    Thanks again for the good listen!

  5. Hey Teri ... just reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone ... we were honored to spend that evening with you ... hope to see you again soon in Sacramento. Actually, we're coming back through in February. At the Sacramento CSA (a Center for Spiritual Living community) on Feb 13th.

    Hope to see you!

    Much love ...

    Manager, Here II Here


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