Monday, November 15, 2010


"Considered in the broadest sense, prosperity is "spiritual well-being". This involves the whole experience of healing life, satisfying love, abiding peace and harmony as well as a sufficiency of what Aristotle called the "furniture of fortune." Too often the tendency is for teacher and student to become so preoccupied with the demonstration of jobs and bank accounts as to forget that the person is a whole creature in a whole Universe."

From: Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth


  1. nice...yes there is a lot more than money at play here...

  2. Maybe this is what is wrong with our society right now. We have an aberrant definition of PROSPERITY. Things have become more important than our abilities and abilities have become a competition. Aristotle isn't here now and speaks of a different time. It seems to me that "the furniture of fortune" has become the gold ring on the Merry Go Round and most of us are not enjoying the ride.

  3. Eric Butterworth is always so wonderful to read. I studied with him in New York. He was a kind and gracious man as well as a wise one.

    Thanks for posting a quote from him and reminding me of wonderful times and a fine human being.

    Jamie Dedes


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