Sunday, January 9, 2011


Recently, I was lucky to be in contact with a distant relative on my paternal side. Let me introduce you to Gerhard Buthmann and his son, Philip. They live in Ditzingen, which is a suburban village close to Stuttgart. Gerhard (Gerry) has sent me so many wonderful items including a CD with family genealogy, photographs of his family and family members, and a wonderful 2011 calendar that has photos of many places that he has traveled and some pictures of our common roots. The photo below is of Lilli Buthmann and Oktavia Hennig. Oktavia is Gerhard's cousin so I think that she would be either my second or third cousin. Gerhard and I are about the same age. I have only corresponded with Gerhard and Lilli via email and Facebook but I do hope to meet them in person some day. They are standing in front of the Nordkirchen Castle, which is the hometown of the Buthmann farm.
This is the front of the Buthmann farm that dates back to 1745. I think it is incredible that I am now able to see where my relatives came from. It looks like such a beautiful place with all the brick and such a beautiful front door.

This is the rear part of the Buthmann's farmhouse. Such a beautiful building. Some day I hope to visit Gerhard and his family in Germany. He has sent an invitation to B and me. He says that we are welcome any time we come and because he is a pensioner he will have plenty of time for us. I think that this will definitely be on our bucket list. Thanks Gerhard for the invitation. You just might see us in the near future! What history awaits us!


  1. My husband is still in contact with his relatives in Denmark ... In fact, one of them visited 2 summers ago with her husband and 2 friends! We have also been to Denmark (14 yrs ago) and seen many old cemeteries, churches and villages .... As well as one old very wonderful farmhouse. I do not have any "old country" root alike he does - but it is fun to vicariously live a global life with his family :)

    It's a wonderful thing to have on your list .... I know you will do it!

  2. The farmhouse looks fantastic! This is something you MUST do! And to have a relative show you around; what more could you ask for!

  3. Teri, so glad you found me. What a beautiful blog, beautiful photos and stories. Became a follower. Thanks for entering the contest. Take care, Riki

  4. love these pictures!! my father did genealogy for about 10 years and discovered many connections near dollendorf in the eifel area of germany, i can't wait to go there someday!

  5. chuckles...i am related to william the conqueror on one side and some dubious royalty on my moms...she was rather lovely pics...

  6. Oh Teri, when I first read this I thought the castle was what you were calling a "farmhouse." Visit? I thought, I'd be moving in!

    The farmhouse is no less intriguing!

  7. Teri, I am glad you found at least some of your relatives. By all means, you must go there. That farmhouse is a beauty!

  8. How thrilling to connect with these cousins! Beautiful post, Teri.

  9. Hi Teri,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I knew that we would be in the issue, but being on the front cover was a surprise. If you read my blog last May it it showed the process of getting the gardens fine tuned for the photo shoot.

    Thanks for sharing these photos and words. Isn't it amazing how our roots twine the earth?

    Sending green wishes,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. Greetings dear Teri,

    It has been months since I last visited and i could not have come at a better time then this. I love seeing older German architecture, especially that of farm houses as it brings back many memories of my first love Rite, when ever we visited her parents, then coming back home with fresh eggs and butter.

    It is wonderful that you are getting in touch with the past. I think it is so important and now with the internet it is a little bit easier.

    I did not know you were on FaceBook, to bad you do not have a link to your page so you and I could connect.

    Since it has been rather colder than years before, stay warm and bundled as I am trying to do so here in the low lands.

    Warmest regards,


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