Saturday, January 15, 2011


I saw this fence while driving around one day. I wish I knew the story behind it. There are a few different areas that make it look as if it must have a story to tell. The line from Robert Frost's poem makes it seem as though fences between neighbors are a good thing. In some respects I must agree but in others it can also create a wall and not just a fence.

Speaking metaphorically, I think that putting up "walls" or "fences" alienates those around us and doesn't allow communication to happen freely. Occasionally, we must erect a wall or a fence to protect us from what might harm us but are they always necessary? Maybe the height of the fence has something to do with the outcome. Make the fence accessible; make it only high enough that someone can scale it if they need to. And if you're lucky, you neighbor will put up a fence that gives you something to think about; something to contemplate; Many times an obstacle is put up in front of us but we always have the choice in how we deal with it. Life is full of choices, isn't it! I'm just now starting to see that I can choose to look through the cracks of the fence, I can jump over it, I can pull up a ladder to it and scoot myself over it if I choose. It doesn't have to be an obstacle; it can be an opportunity.


  1. not a big fa nof fences..esp between neighbors but that fence is awesome...

  2. I like this.... it's something to think about.
    I love the idea of a fence that you can lean on and talk to someone or climb over, but sometimes a fence needs to be there, especially with farm animals.
    And yes.... life should be filled with choices.

  3. Everything in life is a matter of angles. In this case, angles are attitudes. It depends on the attitude we have in approaching anybody or anything. Attitudes we choose...

  4. A good post, Teri; I really do believe that some miss out on opportunities, whether it be from fear or hesitation. To be more open and less-reserved can take you to great heights (of the fence :))!

    Getting back to that intricate father was an engineer and worked for a firm that made tools, white goods, lawnmowers, etc. He made a huge fence in our back yard to keep the dog in. It was made with the leftover metal...the parts had been cut from the sheet. Dad painted the whole thing black; it looked great.

  5. What a life affirming way to approach fences in our relationships and friendships.


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