Monday, January 31, 2011


After over 2 inches of rain over the weekend, I went out with my camera today and found the promise of Spring.

I heard on the weather station today that the eastern United States is in for lots of snow with possibly heavy accumulations in the Chicago area and they say more snow than that area has seen in the last decade. It looks as if your Spring will be a bit more delayed than here in the Sierra Nevada Foothills but under all that snow there is a promise. Keep it in your heart.


  1. oh i am clinging to that promise....come on spring

  2. We vacationed through the Sierra Nevadas last fall. Your photo brings my heart lurching back.

  3. Oh my... did it rain the other night. I think it rains heavier and bigger drops up here in the California foothills. I love listening to a heavy rain at night. Yesterday and today the ground is dark with moisture and the creeks are full. It's so reassuring.
    Each bulb that shows it's head is a promise of Spring. You photos are proof that it's coming.
    Just lovely....

  4. The daffodils are out here too but no flower buds yet.

  5. Thanks for trying to cheer me's not working....Right now, as I type, the wind is howling outside and sleet is hitting the's coming!
    My son called from California to check on he says..I think he was just getting even for me calling him when he's had those fires and earthquakes...hee hee
    Can you believe my hopes of spring..buried in snow! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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