Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday, my pastor Karen Schindler, gave a great talk based on a book entitled: "Buddha's Brain, the practical neuroscience of happiness, love and wisdom" by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. and Richard Mendius, MD., New Harbringer Publications, Inc., Canada.

She spoke of the fact that there are two wolves in each of us; the wolf of love and the wolf of hate. She related a Cherokee legend where the grandson asks his grandfather: "Which will survive?" and the grandfather replies with the answer: "The one that wins is the one that you feed".

On this Monday we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he stood for. It is good to reflect on his messages (and there were many). Despite the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. had to die, he has left a legacy that speaks to the truth within us and the life he lead truly demonstrated that he fed the wolf of love.

Pastor Karen listed some ways in which we can feed the wolf of love for yourself. They are:

  • Increase empathy with yourself and others
  • Increase your comfort level being close to others
  • Increase compassion for self, others and the world
  • Assert yourself
  • Use effective communication
  • Be kind
And additionally she listed these ways to "feed the wolf of love" in a bigger way:
  • Join a group that helps people
  • Join a group that helps the earth
  • Support the above groups with your treasure
  • Use your talent (write, debate, talk) to help people and the world
My feeling is that I have a few of the above bulleted items that I need to work on but there are definitely some of them that I am in a good position with. Don't you think that by just becoming aware of these issues, reading other's blogs, and writing my own we are in compliance with some of these? It seems that the bloggers that I follow are "there". I hope that we all join hands and feed the wolf of love.


  1. What a meaningful and timely post. I like how you list the ways that one can live a more vital life.

  2. nice...had heard the story before but i really like the practical suggestions...

  3. This is wonderful!! I believe in the Buddhist philosophy. I believe that awareness, clarity, compassion and generosity are the key to understanding ourselves and the world around us.
    I have to work on increasing my comfort level being close to others and joining groups. I think you're right about bloggers being "in compliance" with these virtues...especially with their comments.
    This is a wonderful post. Thank you.
    I will do my best to feed the wolf of love.

  4. Beautiful legend, Tei! And yes, I think that doing what you do, you are on the right path. I hold my hand open for whomever wants to grab it.

  5. The wolf of love. I love that. And my Cherokee DNA is definitely tingling.

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