Monday, January 24, 2011


These are some bricks that I saw in a back alley-way in Lincoln, California. Lincoln is where Gladding-McBean pottery was made. Perhaps some of you are familiar with some of their better-known items such as Franciscan ware. Gladding-McBean started in the 1890's. They were the first to produce clay roof tiles on the Pacific Coast. The quarry still exists but has since been purchased by another company.

Since 1996 Gladding-McBean has hosted a photographic workshop. The proceeds help to support the programs of Lincoln Arts and Culture Foundation which hosts Feats of Clay, an annual exhibition in pottery.

This is a photo from another alley-way in Lincoln; little odds and ends assembled together to form this person's own "work of art". You just never know what you will run into on the back roads. That's one reason why I like to keep my camera always with me. The times that I forget it are the times that I am sorry because something presents itself. There are always "photo ops" around every corner.


  1. You never know what you are going to find in strange places. I always carry a camera with me for this reason. A little compact one in my purse.
    I love the photo of the Lincoln bricks.


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