Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Because things were so hectic around here and our Christmas was actually not celebrated until New Year's Day, I am late in sharing these photos with you but didn't want to miss the opportunity. Here is Rudy up on the top of the chair, in all his Christmas glory. What an incredible dog he has turned out to be. We sure have luck when it comes to picking out good dogs. Actually, we just seem to have good luck. When our twins were young, people used to comment on how well-behaved and quiet they were. You know...they have ALWAYS been good girls. I can honestly say they never gave us anything to worry about ever and they always made good choices. They never smoked, they never drank alcohol, they actually never really partied during high school or college. They were always honest and open with us and shared everything. Really! I know...hard to believe but it is absolutely true. So, it would follow that we would have good animals too. And we do!

Here's what we woke up to on "our" Christmas. Nothing like a dusting of white to get everyone up early and really excited about opening packages and stockings.

And, nothing like slipping your boots on over your pajamas, putting on a pair of gloves, and rolling snowballs. Dad and Uncle Joel: you had better watch out! Natalie has excellent aim!

And here's the tree, all lit up and waiting for the presents to be passed out. The tree had been up so long some of the lights at the bottom just finally gave up waiting! But, the presents remained unopened and just bursting to be untied and ripped to shreds.

And inside one of MY packages was this incredible hand-made bag. This bag was commissioned by my friend Judy especially for me by Bernice Jones (sorry if I spelled your name wrong Bernice!) Bernice is the wife of one of the teachers at Judy's school and she takes old wool from coats and jackets and makes bags. Since crows are an on-going theme in my life, Judy knew that I just had to have one on a bag. Everything is hand-stitched and just so soft and comfortable. This package made me so excited when I opened it. Again, black and red...two of my favorite colors... make an appearance. Life is good! Thanks Judy, for all your thoughtfulness. I feel so honored to use this bag and I hope that Bernice knows just how much I love it and appreciate her hard work.


  1. I know what you mean about good daughters; I only have one but she's been perfect all the way through! Natalie's so gorgeous and I bet she had fun with Rudy! Love the little bag, Teri; what a lovely job Bernice does!

  2. cute bag...and pup in the first pic...and little one...and love the snow pic...everything looks clear and fresh in snow...

  3. It looks like you have just as much beautiful snow as I have right now. Also, that hand made bag is beautiful. Some people are so talented!

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  4. Natalie is adorable, and so is happy-looking little Rudy. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

  5. What a wonderful Christmas day among the dear ones you had, Teri! It's good to have such a family around you.

  6. Oh such happy photos
    and snow! wonderful
    cute little one in boots
    and your dog...well a keeper
    ANd it was no accident that your children turned out so well....they take after you

  7. Love the boots and jammies. And the little picket fence around your tree is so charming!

  8. thanks for sharing your Christmas images-- as a p.s. re: my Father Christmas dolls are Asian because I made them from scratch.. and of course they would be Asian. :-)


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