Thursday, February 24, 2011


Let me first say that it is hard to catch a dog in motion. Very hard. And even harder to catch a dog in motion trying to eat a bubble! This is Natalie blowing bubbles for Kahlua and even though you can't see Kahlua jumping up in the air to bite them, believe me, he was! And Natalie and I got the biggest belly laughs over the whole thing. We had the best time. And you know what else? She beat me...twice! Candyland. How can that be??? She is the Candyland Queen.

And then, I arrive home, check out my favorite MAILBOX at the bottom of the road, and what is in there but a canvas print that Kimberly has made me of Natalie's Healing Spirals. You might remember a post a few days ago regarding her spiral drawings. Kimberly just happened to know that I REALLY needed cheering up over the happenings of the last couple of weeks and this was made by Snapfish for me. What a special daughter! What a special granddaughter. And then...

if that wasn't enough, there was ANOTHER package in my mailbox (what are the odds of two packages on the same day) from April. She sent me this package with a note inside that read: A gift for a special Mom. You know: I am the luckiest person on the face of this planet. My daughter's (and granddaughter) help remind me that I am a special person...if not to everyone, then to the ones who REALLY matter. And that is all that I need to know. They are here for me now.

This special package had a piece of jewelry handmade by Sylvia Anderson. She describes it as this: "I have cut off the lovely floral handle from a tiny antique sterling silver teaspoon, used the bowl for another piece of jewelry, and used the handle to make this pretty necklace. I bent the top of the spoon over to form its bail, and added wire-wrapped dangles to either side...

One of a bright and flashy faceted labradorite briolette, the other, three smooth iolite rondelle beads....I have done nothing to the spoon handle other than clean it. It has its original patina on it."
Isn't it just the most wonderful thing you have ever seen? That, and Natalie's drawing today has made my spirits soar. And soar and soar. Life is like that sometimes...just watching your granddaughter laugh so hard and so loud as her dog eats bubbles, opening my favorite mailbox and seeing not one but two of the most treasured gifts. And, to me it wouldn't have mattered what they were. Just the fact that they thought so much of me to send me something, to love me, to want to see me happy and full of life is the most wonderful gift a person could ask for. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family. With each other, we can conquer anything that life puts in front of us. Love does conquer all!!!

And now, to turn off the computer because we are expecting REALLY low snow tonight and throughout the weekend. They say that it just might even snow in San Francisco. I think that hasn't happened in the longest time. So, if I am not able to get out because of losing power or because my satellite is blocked out, I will see you as soon as I can. Stay safe, happy, and warm. I love you all!


  1. woohoo...what an awesome day you to play, got gifts...that canvas is so cool...and the necklace...just awesome...

  2. Oh Teri...what a heartfelt full of love. Love what your daughter did with Natalie's picture. And that necklace piece is beautiful.
    I'm glad my son's returned from San Fransisco...sounds like some terrible weather coming your way. Good night to light a fire and cozy up with a good book.
    I was just over at your daughter's blog and was amazed when I saw Natalie's face does that happen?

    Happy snuggling.

  3. I just LOVE your necklace favorite
    and the gifts from loved ones
    Keep becomes you

  4. very beautiful! those healing spirals are amazing, she is on to something great.


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