Thursday, February 17, 2011


This was just a day or two ago.

This was this morning when I woke up.

It started snowing last night and when I woke up, things were covered in snow. It has continued snowing on and off all day. It is now 2:30 PM and the sky is filled with snow flakes the size of my hand. (Well, maybe the size of a small child's hand but pretty darned big!). The winds have been incredible all day with snow blowing horizontal on and off all day. My prediction? That the east coast will see it next and will not emerge from under the blanket of snow yet.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it seems to follow that what happens here on the west coast, especially in the foothills, seems to make its way eventually to you on the east coast. And, to think that I was bragging a few days ago about the glorious sunshine and warm temperatures we were experiencing! I'm afraid that those blossoms and bulbs that have pushed up and out are being sent to duck for cover until it stops. The predictions from the weather people is that it will continue well into tomorrow with snow falling at unusually low elevations...down to 1,000 or so feet!

The day has consisted to reading, baking cookies, cleaning the house a bit, and trying to send this post between service and no service. Satellite internet is not the best thing to have in a snow storm.

Enjoy whatever weather you are having and I hope it you stay safe and warm.


  1. ugh...probablynot a good time to tell you i spent the afternoon lazing by the pond in 65 degree weather...i caught no fish though...

  2. Spring is such a tease...but it certainly looks pretty...the blossoms and the snow. Our snow is melting today at a fast rate, and I don't look forward to more snow...but when it comes I'll think of you, and will surely be hoping that the next wave of weather you send our way will be warm and sunny. Keep safe. xo

  3. Spring can't be very far away now, Teri. The world has gone crazy, weather-wise. Our long term average rainfall for February is 41mm and so far this month we've had 84mm! Everything is so green; usually crunchy under foot!

  4. May be the sun storms have something to do with these frecquent weather changes. Here, in Romania, is the same: one day is bright and sunny, temperature around 15 degrees Celsius, one it drops to 5 degrees! But I think that there are not so many days left till spring will come! Let's be optimistic!


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