Monday, February 21, 2011


Recently, Donna Watson of "Layers" posted some photos on Sunday February 13th regarding the Year of the Rabbit. At the time, it made me think of the fact that I have so many rabbit items around my house too and I think that I commented to her that someday I would have to take photos of them so that she could see just what I was talking about. How many rabbits are "too many" anyway!

Out in my garden with heart-shaped indentation for water.

In my entry-way, holding keys.

On the dining room wall, purchased in Yountville years ago.

A Caruth Studio rabbit on wall.

Another Caruth rabbit on same wall.

Miniature rabbits among tea cup collection.

A rabbit box to hold all my CD's.

Rabbit netsukes I have as part of a collection.

A rabbit "sewing bird" I hand-carved that mounts on an old Singer sewing machine.

A "Santa Barbara Ceramic Design" clock hanging in my bathroom.

My wonderful painting of Gilberto by Lynne Hoppe, also hanging in my bathroom.

On my bookshelf.

Also on my bookshelf. And only part of the collection!

In the baby cradle holding items for grandchildren to play with.

Another carved box that has rabbits on the lid.

So, just how many rabbits is too many rabbits? In my case, there are never enough. I don't really know where the fascination for rabbits came from. I was not born in the year of the rabbit but in the year of the rooster. Oddly enough, I have a collection of roosters as well! Maybe I am just a collector of "things" (rocks, beach glass, rabbits, roosters, art, etc.)

I found a bit of symbolism regarding the rabbit that states that "rabbit is also an Earth symbol by virtue of the fact that he is so close to the ground, and lives partially in the ground itself. He could convey, symbolically, a need to center oneself more". (

It also states that "realistically, rabbits are prey animals and that symbolically Rabbit is a "Pray" animal. Rabbit as companion has specific meanings that can be translated symbolically. For instance, they teach us Unconditional Love, and Compassion for Life, by virtue of eliciting those things within us. If we watch them, they teach us to meditate every day." And "rabbit teaches us that you are what you perceive yourself to be...They teach us to assume self-worth as well."

I found this very interesting and informative. I can see, after reading this, why the rabbit appeals to me so much. I just never knew why. Now, it seems to me, that the rabbit has been trying to teach me many lessons and I have just now woken up to that fact.

Thanks Donna for inspiring me to look around my house and also research rabbits. You sparked an interest in me regarding this and my collections. I have always said that there are no accidents in life. This just proves it once again to me.


  1. This is a wonderful post. I, too, am learning more all the time what animals have to teach me/us. You have an amazing collection. Always something fun to be on the lookout for.

    I agree: there are no accidents.

  2. Nice collection...never enough rabbits. I love the symbolism. I bet your granddaughter is a fan of Beatrix Potter movies. The BBC films are the best with lots natural looking animated rabbits to go with the rabbits in the baby cradle.

  3. I'm not sure where to begin. This is a fun post. First... I love you header photo. It's beautiful. The color is wonderful and of course the rabbit is charming.
    I too collect many things. I looked around the house and was surprised at how many rabbits I have. It must be an unconscious desire to be at one with the earth which is always my leaning.
    I love the Caruth Rabbits and the one you got in Yountville.
    Wish I could go up to Napa and the valley above this year. I miss it so.
    Happy Year of the Rabbit to you....

  4. wow you got rabbits every where...the water bowl is my fav i think...nothing is random you know...

  5. Love the 'look' around your house. I have some of the very same things, only in cats...

  6. Thought you might enjoy a look over here.

  7. Dear Soewnearth: thanks for the link. I went and took a look and it was really interesting and informative. Another one of the reasons why I like blogging: the unlimited potential and links that I have never been aware of. Thanks again.


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