Monday, February 14, 2011


Is there anything more precious than a Valentine from someone you love SO much? This one is from my Granddaughter, Natalie. Besides this handmade Valentine, she also made be a beautiful handmade necklace out of beads and string with three beads that say "I (heart) U'. Nothing could be better! Except the butterfly bead that she put right in the middle of it "because you love bugs, Grandma!". She really knows me well.
It made me dig out some of the items that I have saved throughout the years. This one was from my nephew, Jake. (There's a photo of him when he was small). Such a sweet boy.
He has always called me Auntie. And as he got older he changed it from Auntie to Aunt T. Same, but different.

That was then---this is now. He just recently graduated from Colorado State University in December. He is still a sweet boy, only bigger!

I hope that you all are having wonderful memories of wonderful Valentine's Days that you have had in the past and creating new memories of Valentine's Days in the present. I sometimes wonder why I hang on to all these things but now I know why. They bring that time right up to the present for me...a time that is so vivid in my memory but photos and letters help me re-live them again and again.

Enjoy your loved-filled day!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Teri! I love the card Natalie made for you...a card with symbols of the healer on it...because that's so you. Lots of love.

  2. I love your love filled and child's handwritten love wishes .... I have always believed that valentines day was for children and the grownups usurped it with their mushy kissing stuff :)

  3. happy valentines...what cool memories you shared today..the kids drawings always make me smile...


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