Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No photos today because all the photos I took last night, I took in my dream. I cannot produce them for you to see but they are so vivid and beautiful, I wish that you could see them. Let me tell you about them.

Last night, in my dream, I was in Australia with my family. Yes...Australia! And, we were sitting at an outside venue that had wonderful exotic plants, lots of laughing people, and entertainment of all sorts. In fact, some of the entertainment was audience participation that involved competition and swimming. No...I did not participate but some of the people from our table did. And we laughed and laughed so hard.

To the right of our table was a young couple. She had dark hair and a camera...he was wearing shorts and had beautiful legs. You know: the kind that you just know are athletic. He looked to me as though he were a runner. All night long I kept glancing over in their direction. They were always laughing with each other and she was taking photos of the entertainment and the lush vegetation. I felt as though I knew her.

Later in the evening I mustered up enough courage to ask her "Are you 66 Square Feet"? She looked startled and replied "Yes! How did you know"? My response to her made me laugh (isn't it funny that when you are in a dream that you realize that you are laughing? Dreams are funny like that.) My response to her was: "I recognized Vince's legs!" You see...she speaks about Vince running while they are on holiday. At present, they are visiting her parents in So. Africa. I find it so strange that some of this stuff bleeds off into my dreams. And yet...somehow not so strange. And how did they get from So. Africa to Australia so quickly? Dreams!

I then said to her "Your name is Marie, right"? Now...this is the strange part that only a dream sequence can make sense of. She replied "MARI-A, NOT MARIE". (But in reality her name is Marie). Why was my dream trying to trick me? The whole thing seemed so odd to me WHILE I was dreaming it. I knew that I was making jokes (Vince's legs) and we were all laughing about it; I knew that her name is Marie but she was correcting me; and I knew that she was supposed to be in Africa and why was she in Australia with me? Dreams are funny like that and sometimes hard to make sense of. Most often hard to make sense of. But somehow "telling".

After we introduced ourselves to each other I told her I was Teri from Working the Earth and wasn't quite sure that she really knew whom I was. Was this my insecurity coming out in my dream? Wondering "in dream" about the quality of my blog and who reads any of this anyway? My sister leaned over and snapped a picture of the two of us because it was so odd and so wonderful to meet someone whose blog you have been reading for such a long time and finally get to meet. Marie (Mari-a!) handed me two photos that she had with her of two other bloggers she had met prior to our meeting. Apparently, this has happened to her before. Twice. I read the captions in my dream and they were type-written as though they were printed in a newspaper article. I cannot remember what it said now though. That part of the dream in lost. Funny how some parts of dreams are so vivid that they stick with you well into the next day but others are so obscure that you can't recall most of what you had "seen".

Next we were being served dinner and I remember thinking "I wonder if Marie will enjoy the meal or not"? Now, in real life Marie prepares the most wonderful looking meals that you'd ever want to see. She writes about food quite a lot as well as plants that she can identify. She seems really well-versed on both subjects in her blog and knowing this, I must have wondered in my dream if she would approve of the meal. There have been times that she has not liked certain foods that she and Vince have been served and she has no qualms about writing the good AND the bad reviews. If you want to see some of the foods she loves, go visit her blog. She has a special section there with all the wonderful foods she prepares. I'm sure that you won't be disappointed. Today she is featuring "Insalata Caprese with Nasturtiums?".

Then, as quick as the dream came, it vanished. And I was awake. I was awake and listening to owls in the distance. And I was awake, not dreaming. I had not heard owls in the longest time but after a conversation with Katherine I did. What does this mean Katherine? Do owls mean the same thing to you as they do to me? Hmmmm.... Maybe I need that book that Karen talks about in her blog "Maggie's Secret Garden". She wrote about a book by Trish MacGregor titled "Animal Totems". You can read more about it at her blog if you are interested. Apparently, it is helping many people decipher what it means when you see certain animals in your life. She talks about what seeing a centipede meant to her. It sounds really interesting and I think it might be helpful to many of us who see hawks or eagles swoop over our cars (Melanie), deer walking on the same path day after day through our yards, owls screeching in the night, butterflies appearing to us, etc.

Nature has a way of showing us what we need when we need it. But, we also have to be aware of what we are seeing and why. Otherwise, it might as well be presenting itself to us in a dream and appear vague and unclear. it the other way around?


  1. quite the interesting dream...australia would be cool though...might pop over and check out those animal totem meanings...

  2. Teri, I quite often recall my dreams; they're so vivid. My husband says he can't and, if he has a bad dream, he wakes up and says, 'go away' and gets rid of it.

    This is worth mentioning and you'll probably laugh.....I live in Australia and my last post is all photos of our lush vegetation and my Skype name is 'mariealaine'....Marie because it is a family name on my French side!

  3. Oh I love this that you say at the end of the post...."or is it the other way around." So very interesting a thought there. Really what is a dream?...another step off onto another parallel? NPR just had Brian Greene on...who wrote The Hidden Reality. And somehow after to listening to him I have a whole other perspective on dreaming. You very well may have spent time with Marie. I'll have to stop by there and check out Vince's legs...hmmm! ha! And of course the insalata recipe.


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