Monday, February 7, 2011


Today I received this package in my mailbox. I have written previously about how special my mailbox is to me and how it is the highlight of my day. Today was no exception! When I put the key in the lock today, there was a package addressed to me from Stephen Baird. Stephen lives in Illinois and is an incredible photographer. You can find his blog "Nikon Sniper" in my sidebar and I know you won't be disappointed when you go there and view his photography. He is incredible!When Steve hit 3,000 (yes, that's THREE THOUSAND) viewers at his blog, he had a contest for a drawing for a portable hard drive. I actually don't even remember entering the contest but I must have because he sent me notification that I was the lucky winner of this fantastic portable hard drive. I am in awe and amazement at the generosity of this man. And I want to publicly acknowledge this generosity and say publicly "thanks, Steve".

Inside the box the hard drive was wrapped in newspaper from his area. I love to look at what is in newspapers from other parts of the world. Inside this box was a section homes in his area that are for sale. I think that I must be living in the wrong part of the United States based on the prices of some of these homes. Five bedrooms, 3 baths for $299,000? Unheard of here! Are these houses buried in snow right now? That would be the only deterring factor for me, other than my kids would not be within driving distance!!

They say that you can change a house, add to it, remodel it, etc., but you can't change the location. This house is adorable. And it is only $164,900!!! And it's in Woodstock! Is this "the" Woodstock, famous from the outdoor concert? If I could move my entire family along with me I'd be checking out this location in a heart beat.

Thanks again, Steve, for all that you do in this blog world. Thanks for hosting a drawing and picking my name. I am in awe of the magic that seems to be unfolding for me this year.

This "win" was the first of many wonderful things that have come my way this year so far. I got an "all clear" on my recent thyroid cancer scan too. And, other things are unfolding that I cannot talk about just yet. But, rest assured, this year is starting out to be one that is filled with amazement, wonder, miracles, love, and fortune. And, according to that saying "the best is yet to be".


  1. Hey that's pretty cool! And who knows Steve and I might be neighbors and don't even know it...

  2. woohoo...did not realise you won stepehns is so cool to look at papers from other places...

  3. Boy, those houses are cheap!!

    Congratulations on your win and it really looks as though this year has your name on it!


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