Tuesday, February 15, 2011


In concert, Here II Here. Check them out here. I think that you will be amazed at their message. Some of their performance highlights include: ABC Good Morning America, The United Nations,
Agape International Spiritual Center, with Deepak Chopra, with Sri Ravi Shankar, and many more.

Think what being united in thought and vision did for Egypt. Imagine what could be done in our world if we all focused our thoughts toward a positive message: We are all One!


  1. nice...just listened to them the first time the other day...looks like a fun time...with a purpose...

  2. LOVE their music!!! Love to get new music on my ears...especially with a positive message. They're very talented...and I thought the box that was like 2 instruments in one was pretty neat. I shared your blog and this post on my site today because I think it's important to spread the good stuff! Thanks Teri!

    peace and love

  3. Thanks, Teri! so grateful for your presence.

    Manager, Here II Here

  4. Oh...silly me! It was on YOUR blog a couple of weeks ago! Of course it was, as a visit here is always teaching me something.


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