Monday, August 2, 2010


I have had this terracotta planter since my early 20's. It was given to me by an old boyfriend who loved plants. It remains with me today even though he has passed away. Can you believe that I picked these sweet peas from my garden the other day? They have survived the hot summer sun. Sweet peas are my flower: the month of April.

This chicken plate I purchased at Crow Valley Pottery on Orcas Island last summer. I wish I had more. The next time I go there I will buy more to add to my collection. Having this plate reminds me of the special spirit that you find on Orcas.

These two "birds of a feather" were given to me by my friend Victoria. They were her mother's and when she passed away, Victoria thought of me. I love them! They sit in my kitchen window all year long. Every time I look at them I think of her Mom.

I am very fond of all things crow so last year I purchased this from my favorite nursery. It lights from behind so his eye is always glowing. The nests were a Christmas gift from my daughter.

I keep all my recipes in this wonderful black and white box and when a friend mailed me this card, it just had to be placed on the top of the box. It is done by a Coquille Tribal Member named Toni Ann Brend who grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon. She presently lives on the Kilkich Reservation along the Cape Arago Highway. Toni feels a strong spiritual connection to each of her pieces and it is her hope that as you fulfill your dreams the spirit will touch you and bring you peace. Isn't that a wonderful message? All artists have messages. As Toni says at the bottom of her card: We have much to learn from each other.


  1. cool on the cards...thanks for showing us around a bit....

  2. I too love birds and feel a strong connection to them. I believe the birds that live around my house sense that. Today as my oldest son was leaving after a short visit...we stood out front of the house saying goodbye, and a mourning dove sat on a branch just above our heads...watching in enjoyment of our hugs. A squirrel sat right above the dove peeking its head out also watching us. It was a very precious moment for the two of us watching these cute critters watching us hug goodbye.
    I love your collection, especially the nests in the crow photo. They have a very maternal meaning to them and all the more that your daughter gave them to you.
    Sweet dreams!

  3. I'm drawn to birds and bird imagery too. The photo of the crow and nests on the windowsill could be out of a decor magazine. Love it!


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