Sunday, August 29, 2010


I don't know about where you live, but turkeys have started multiplying around here like rabbits! It seems like everywhere I go lately, I see them. I'm not sure if they know how close Thanksgiving is or not! Thanksgiving could really ruin your day if you were a turkey. It could really ruffle your feathers...literally!


  1. Aren't they gorgeous in a gawky silly kind of a way! They look as though thay are having quite a nice life yet. Little do they know.

  2. i have seen a lot of turkeys here in the area this year...running across the road or hiding int eh thicket...nice snaps!

  3. You were able to get pretty close to these birds. They're beautiful...makes me want to try the tofu turkey for the holidays. Seems a shame to hurt these beautiful creatures. I've only seen wild turkeys on a vacation in Galena Il...and they weren't too happy to see me. I thought I might get attacked by them as they made there way through. I wouldn't want to ruffle their feathers.
    Have a happy Monday!

  4. We have turkeys and peacocks running wild around here, too. I like to see them but, oh my, the racket they make as they bed down for the night!! Thankfully the turkeys settle quicker than the peacocks who keep up their screeches till well after dark.

  5. Thanksgiving could really ruin your day if you were a turkey.... now that's funny.
    They are all over the place around here but I swear.... the morning that "turkey season" opens, all those crazy males that are strutting their stuff out there will disappear like magic.
    They are not as "stupid" as everyone thinks they are.


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