Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here's the final resting place for my wonderful assemblage made by Jen Worden. It sits here with some of my most cherished jewelry and special paintings. I hope it is happy here. I know that I am every time I look at it. Forgive me for dragging this out for so many days. I just wasn't able to get a decent photo last night so had to wait until today.

A close-up. I wish you all could see the details up close. Her wings are made out of mirror and a piece of wood, all carefully wrapped with wire and solder. Her head has stacks of different objects and then there is the wonderful glass body that used to be the handle to an old-fashioned coffee pot. I wish I could find a spot that Jen signed this piece. So far, I can't see her signature anywhere, just a personalization to me specifically on the metal piece. I think that I will attach her postcard to the back. That should say it all. Have a happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I really like this package/artwork. It looks to be made out of an old lunchbox...pretty cool. Assemblage is so much fun.

  2. I have a thing for vintage doll heads. This is tres cool! You're a lucky duck, Teri!

  3. Teri, so glad you like the finished piece. re: signature ... I usually sign on the left/lower side of most of my pieces. If memory serves, I signed on a piece of overlapped paper.

    Thanks again for letting me play w/your stuff. :)


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