Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This headstone rests right next to B's Uncle Ken at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Calif. I'm sorry if it's a bit morbid to post such a picture but I was enamored by his name. I wonder about it. He only lived a short time on this earth but here I am, posting about him. He lives on I suppose in what other people think about him.

I can only make up stories about him and his wonderful name. But, I would almost bet that his entire life he had to explain how it came to pass. Have any of you ever heard of this name before? In my entire life I have never heard anyone with a first name of Square. I have heard of a last name of Lockett. In fact, I knew a lady in my twenties named Syd Lockett. Maybe she is related to Square!

Isn't it incredible how just a simple name can set the tone for someone his/her entire life? I love the stories I could weave for Square. Rest in Peace!


  1. What a fascinating post. Poor Square Lockett. Syd is unusual too..

  2. and square lockett at that...i always find it intersting to walk the graves and grave and imagine people...

  3. That is one incredible name!

  4. Teri, I'm very glad to meet you, too.
    I had a student with the last name Lockett, but never heard of anyone named Square! Maybe it's a family name like his mother's maiden name or something.

  5. This post spoke to me...I love his name and I too would have stopped and wondered about him. When my husband was looking for his grandfathers grave we stepped across a flat stone that read
    John Claire

    How would you like going through life known as Mr. and Mrs. Death

  6. Happy August birthday Square....hmmm his mom must have quite a sense of humor.


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