Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A friend from work is retiring in September. She was the person who trained me as an Agricultural Inspector's Aide 7 years ago. We trap lots of bugs: moths, beetles, glassy-wing sharpshooters, psyllids and flies mostly. So, I thought that I would try and combine a few of the things that I love to do: draw and sew.

Last weekend I worked on the layout for a flap on a messenger bag for Karen. This is what I have come up with so far. My friend, Frank, who was an Entomologist in the Navy, gave me 3 wonderful books with lots of drawings so I tried to incorporate a few of the details of different flies.

It will definitely be a most unusual bag. I'm not sure that she will be able to use it everywhere (bugs are not something you would normally see over someones shoulder) but at least it will be a memory for her...something she can take with her "off in the sunset".

September is shaping up to be a really big month. Lots of parties, lots of weekend trips, lots of celebrations. In general, lots of changes. And, September signals the beginning of Fall...my absolute favorite season. Salmon fishing on the Smith River might be in the works, camping trips to the ocean (the Fall is by far the best time to be at the ocean...no fog and less crowds), a weekend at Donner Lake with friends painting,... so many fun things to do.


  1. What a wonderful retirement gift, I am sure that she will treasure it.

  2. Your bugs are beautiful! I think it will make a wonderful bag. Your friend will be thrilled. We must be on the same wave length. I just ordered a book by Jean Henri Fabre called the Passionate Observer...with watercolors of bugs. I'm excited for it to arrive.
    I too am glad for September although I don't have a lot planned. I do hope you're not melting in the valley heat.
    We've had a bit of a cool down this morning and I'm heading out to the garden to begin the first cut back of fall. I love it.
    Take care Teri, and have a wonderful day.
    Hugs and love I'm sending your way.

  3. How unusual, I love it! Sounds like you have an amazing fall planned...

  4. fall is my absolute favorite as well...i think the flap is going to turn out nice...i really like the design...

  5. wow, this is so cool, teri... the lines are so smooth! what kind of pen did you use? i hope you'll show us the whole bag when you're done... if she loves her bag as much as i love mine, she's gonna be one happy woman. : ) xo

  6. I can't believe these are sewed on drawings-- simply wonderful-- I would wear that bag too.

  7. Donna--These are not sewn on but drawn on fabric. It would take way too much time to sew them on! Good idea though.

    Lynne--Thanks for the compliment. I just used those permanent Micron Pens. I have the bag done. I will have to take a few pics of it when I get a chance to be home in daylight! Heading up to Tahoe tomorrow and have to be at the office by 6:30 AM so another early (and long) day.

    Thanks Brian. You and I are on the same page it looks like with Fall. It is just around the corner, my friend! How is the school stuff going? Natalie rode the bus to her Mom's workplace today for the first time but the bus driver forgot to let her off! Talk about stress! You just can't do that to a 5 year old (or her Grandmother...it freaks me out!) I want to be in total control of where she is at all times but that can't/won't happen.

    Melanie--yes, I feels like it is going to be an OK Fall so far. In the middle of all that I have to go have my scan though, which tends to put a damper on everything. It always feels as though something is hanging over my head. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop sort of. Email me sometime. I have lots to ask you. If my job let out earlier than Oct. 31 I would book a flight to New England and join the Leaf Peepers. Really I would!! I want to know the latest with Rong too, OK?

    Maggie--will you let me know about that book? I think it sounds wonderful. You and I tend to think alike, don't we! Great minds...We're supposed to cool down to the 70's by the weekend. Yippee. It was SO hot out there today I thought I was going to melt. I couldn't get enough water!

    Thanks Marilyn--I figure she can always put books or something in it. At least it will be unique...no one else will have one like it! I'll let you know how the gift is received after her party next week.


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