Monday, August 23, 2010


Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 107 degrees in the valley! I can't believe that I will be working in that heat. Fortunately, I have an air-conditioned truck to cool me back down when I come in from outside. I'm leaving the truck running tomorrow, that's for sure!

Dogs know how to cool off. They go to a cool tile floor and lay down, close their eyes and take a nap. I might just have to take a few lessons from Bodhi tomorrow and find a cool place to close my eyes and rest. And drink plenty of water. It is going to be a busy week.

Five years have come and gone just like that! In the blink of an eye, my granddaughter is going to school. Where did all the time go? We watched her every day for 2- 1/2 years. Now, she will be off on her own, riding the bus, doing homework, and meeting new friends. I wonder what kind of friends she will make the first day of school? I hope that whomever she meets will be the kind of friend that will accept her, warts and all. She is outspoken like her Grandma. She is stubborn like her Grandma. But, would I let any of that change my feelings about her? Absolutely not! And, I hope that she never tells me she never wants to see me again just because I correct her spelling while she is doing her homework. After all: if someone you love can't correct you, who can? She will probably experience many more rejections before her time on this earth is over.

Hopefully, she is wise enough to know that we corrected her because we cared. She is a precocious young girl, filled with curiosity and kindness and love. She will do well with whatever she decides to do in life, I just know it. She is artistic and creative and filled with dreams and imagination. She stands on the precipice of her life, ready to take the challenge of what lies before her. And...she loves animals. Need I say more?


  1. I hope I have grandchildren some day. If you get too hot lie down on that cool tile floor with Bodhi! I can't wait till fall.

  2. she sounds like a wonderful girl...and one day she will understand...i still need someone to correct my spelling...

  3. First off...Bodhi looks like an angel puff on the cool tile! So cute.
    Your granddaughter is starting school already....I bet she'll do just great. I always think that any child that loves animals has a kind and loving spirit that shines on everyone they meet. It is hard to watch them go off on their own, isn't it?

  4. Willow--I always get that "lay" "lie" thing mixed up. are never too old to be corrected and learn something. And man...was it hot today. I am still trying to cool my core down. It feels so hot no matter what I do. Grandchildren are the absolute best. My kids are pretty darn special too. I think what it is that people feel about their grandchildren is the fact that it brings that love back into you life. When you kids were young they needed you. Then they grow up and go out on their own. To have grandchildren brings that all back to the forefront again. Reminds us what we had and can have again.

    Brian--Spelling has always been my strong point (unless my fingers move faster than my brain when I'm typing). If I don't know how to spell a word I will look it up. To me it is an important aspect of writing and the way that I convey what I'm about. I take pride in it and I never get upset if someone points out that I have mis-spelled something. I will just go and fix it and say thanks. And happy to have learned something new. We are never too old to learn. In fact, we should try and learn one new thing each day. At least that is what I have heard. I guess it keeps us young. (At least in our minds!)


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