Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Two weeks ago I started taking a meditation class. It is becoming part of my daily practice now and as such, it needed an altar to be complete.

Ganesh was sent to me by M. Heart, a wonderful gift I might add. Ganesh is widely revered as Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings.

He is honored at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies and invoked as Patron of Letters during writing sessions. Perfect! He will be there for me during my ritual of meditation each day and he will be there during my writing sessions. Maybe not with this old Underwood typewriter, but he will be there nonetheless. Namaste'.

"You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose."

-----Indira Gandhi


  1. nice. i like to go to the back porch or if it is nice...i have a mediation bench by the grape arbor...where i can watch the vine and abide...smiles.

  2. This is what I need; I'll have to practise again. I went years ago but didn't do it long enough. At the end of each session, I was wide awake and all around me snoring! I was walking the house at 1:30am last night, mind too active.

  3. Awww, he's so sweet there, I'm so honored he's become a part of your daily meditation ritual.

    I owe you a long email about the past few weeks. I will work on it soon, I promise!

  4. Namaste. may you find stillness. Love the idea of a meditation altar. Reminds me I made an altar when my husband died. I think I will do it again. Thank you.

  5. I have just written about an altar I made once ..on my blog. You inspired me and reminded me. Thank you.

  6. How lovely! A beautiful gift has found a lovely home. May he be a great inspiration to you.


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