Saturday, August 21, 2010


When I think about what my dream job would be, it would never include this! Can you imagine having to interview for this job? Do you have to prove that you are capable of catching a rattlesnake? Do you have to act excited about the prospects of finding a rattlesnake in the first place? And what about pay? How do they decide how you will get paid? Is it based on how many rattlesnakes you catch and bring back to the office? Do you get hazardous pay for this job? So many things to ponder! I'm glad that I don't even have to think about doing this job in the first place.

They only thing that I can see that is beneficial to having a job like this is that you get to work on your own and are out in the field (so to speak) each day. No office job; no mundane phone calls to answer; no colleagues to deal with; no chance of someone trying to take your job away from you. I guess there's job security in that, right?


  1. being outside would not be bad...but i dont hink this is worth it...

  2. I live in a country that has no snakes. Funny how as a child I had a horror of snakes. It must have come from movies or books. My first encounter with a snake was a huge docile thing of great beauty in Singapore and I have a photo of it draped around my shoulders! I couldn't believe it felt like velvet. No way would I apply for that job though. NO WAY!

  3. Wow.
    Snakes terrify me, but regardless I can see a certain attraction in being a self-employed "rattlesnake remover." Do you think they remove them as in relocate? Or do they, you know, Remove them?

  4. Now that is a challenging job! I guess you won't believe we had a tiny snake crawl into the house and startle me in the bathroom! Shock! I did not catch it. I hope it made its way back outside!!

  5. Gross...ewww. Not way I'd apply for that job. Maybe they're a delicacy this hunter enjoys eating? Hope you had a good weekend.


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