Monday, October 26, 2009


Over the weekend I had a large order of bags to complete that had to be mailed off on Monday. So, I sat at my favorite sewing machine, given to me by my Grandmother years ago and peddled my legs off. What a great way to be able to say that "I am green"! Not many people can make that claim. And...when the power goes off in the winter (as it does quite often) I can continue to sew as long as I have light. And, there are always kerosene lights when the night arrives before the power.

This is the front of The Flower Farm Nursery. It is located at 9280 Horseshoe Bar Road in Loomis, California and is owned and managed by Sheri Fischer. You can go here to find out more about this wonderful place. There is a B & B, and events center, and a coffee shop also located on the property. I just learned on the hay ride on Saturday that there are over 700 mandarin oranges planted on this property and three different varieties. Many weddings have been held here and you can even see "The Gypsy Chicks" wandering around while they are taking a break from laying eggs in their Gypsy Wagon.

This is Sheri, the owner, manager of The Flower Farm Nursery. I have known Sheri for many years and I think this is one of the best ventures she has ever undertaken. She is really in her element here. She knows everything there is to know about flowers and she is a really fun person to be around. She is always positive and helpful and so creative and talented.

The inside of the gift shop is filled to the brim with handmade gifts and items and Sheri really does a great job of supporting local artists. There are handmade cards, jewelry items, magnets, and every sort of thing you can imagine. I found a really great crow door mat that I just had to have.

This is the water wheel on the side of the gift shop. I think it is a favorite of many of the children who come here to visit because the water sprays out on the walkway and gets everyone wet.

This is one of the fields that The Flower Farm Inn has located on its property. They sell locally grown pumpkins, a favorite at this time of the year. You can also see Sheri's sense of humor at play here when she dresses up the local cow for the season.

"Outstanding in Her Field" Cowmen Mooranda, a favorite with anyone who wanted a unique photo opportunity.

During our ride on the hay wagon we saw many different vignettes, including this one from "Where the Wild Things Are".


  1. Oh what a neat pictorial post this is! I love your commentary and the photos are just superb! You look to me as if you are living a wonderful lifestyle.

  2. Oh, that sewing machine is a thing of beauty!

  3. Willow--Yes, I LOVE this sewing machine. I have had it for over 35 years. My grandmother brought it back to me from Idaho because she knew I loved to sew but we were living without electricity at the time while we were building our home. (That lasted for over 6 years because the price to get the power to our home in the 70's was over $37,000!) I have a couple of electric machines but they just don't sew as well and there is something about being "one" with you machine and what you are doing that really makes you a part of the project. Thanks for noticing how lovely she is!!

  4. Thanks so much Teri for such a GREAT write-up. I'm so glad you like this place & I'm REALLY glad you're here to come visit. We love you!!! Sheri


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