Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Shortly after I got out of the hospital, our town had their local Founder's Day and parade. My daughters came over for the afternoon and brought my granddaughter, Natalie, with them. The four of us decided to drive in to town to view the parade. It was SO hot that day and as we were walking around, trying to find a bit of shade to sit under, my friends Sunny and Gabe had located the only slice of shade that existed and had plopped their Eddie Bauer chairs right in it.

Sunny insisted that I SIT. I guess I looked pretty pale from a combination of just returning from the hospital and the horrible heat. So, I plopped myself down and Natalie joined me. 

I didn't know that my daughter Kimberly had taken a photo of the two of us from behind. Knowing me, she knew that I would object to it because I HATE my photo being taken. Too grey, too fat, too whatever! So, the other day she sent me this photo in my email and said "I don't want to hear about how grey you are or how you think you are too fat...just enjoy the photo". Well....I do! I thoroughly do! It makes me get all choked up to see me sitting beside one of my  favorite girls. I have three of them: my twins and Natalie.

I have decided that since I found out how precarious life is via my visit to the hospital and having acute renal failure, it is good to just let photos be taken. If there weren't any photos that existed of me, how would Natalie or my daughters ever remember me if something happens to me? Life is so tenuous. I need to relax and just enjoy it for what it has to offer. Grey hair and all! 


  1. People who love you won't see the faults you do when you look at the photos, believe me ;)

  2. It takes a life threatening situation to remind us to enjoy the simple things, to live in the moment.....and what a precious moment you have in this photograph. Hope you are feeling stronger by the day.

  3. Sweet.
    m heart is right, the people who love you will see only your warmth and beauty.
    Sounds like you're starting to see that too.


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