Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well, the rain has finally hit our area. We woke this morning to huge winds, lots of rain and it looks as if it won't be getting better any time soon. At least not today. We have had winds here ranging from 40-50 mph and in the mountains they have hit 100 mph occasionally. When you live in an area that is 95 % trees, this wind becomes kind of frightening. I have heard at least two trees snap and fall this afternoon. Fortunately, they weren't close to the house. But, the electricity has been off this morning, back on again this afternoon, and blinking on and off this evening. I'll be lucky to even post this if I don't hurry.

Too bad all the leaves hadn't already turned and dropped all their leaves. Then all this wind would have just blown them all away. I wouldn't have had to even get out my rake then. But, no such luck. They are still there, as evidenced by some of the trees you can see in this photo. The maple tree in the distance is actually quite tall. You can see the child's swing set behind it and it is at least 10 feet tall. So, the maple tree is at least that. It started out in a pot on the deck and quickly got huge after I transplanted it in the ground. It loves it there, close to the small decorative pond at it's feet.

I guess this is all part of the ongoing changes that all of us experience in all of our lives. Seasons change, we change. It's all part of life and what we experience. I'd say that I am in the Autumn of my life now, being close to 60 now. I have always loved Autumn and hope to thoroughly enjoy this Autumn and ones to come in the future.

Happy Birthday, Willow. I hope you are having a great Ball at Willow Manor and that all the stars come out for your gala event. What was the biggest surprise of the day for you? Did you get everything you wished for? I sure hope so!!!

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