Monday, October 12, 2009


Oh, there is one more thing that I do almost every season. I have made all of these embroidered stitcheries and I framed them all and each season I hang a different one up in my kitchen. My kitchen doesn't have a lot of wall space so I managed to eek out a tiny bit, pounded in a short nail, and then it all becomes seasonal "just like that".

I wish I had the time (or more the inclination) to do more of this kind of stuff. I used to have children here at home, hold down a part-time job, do all the gardening AND have time to do some creative stuff like stitching or quilting. I can't figure out why I don't have that kind of time these days. Maybe it it the energy that it takes, maybe I am more lazy than I used to be, maybe I have just gone into a different phase of life (read as OLD and LAZY). I'm not sure. I do know that it makes me feel unproductive and certainly lazy. But, I can't seem to get my mind in gear these days.

I think about doing different things "when it starts to rain" because then it won't be so hot and there won't be the yard calling to me. But really: will I? I think that I am just in some sort of funk. I need a vacation; a get-away to a different locale I think. There is nothing like getting away to give a person a different perspective. I would help if I liked to fly. Oh, the places I could see!! Driving long distances when the weather has started to turn bad doesn't sound that inviting. Thoughts of snow storms and pelting rain change my traveling ideas really quick.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a fresh take on one's life? What do you all do to spice things up and get re-charged when things are looking pretty grey in your brains? I sure could use the suggestions.

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